Brief discussion on the self degradation of B2B website in the industry

B2B for this model I have been skeptical, first of all, I think the B2B model is suitable only for a very short period of time, such as the existence of the information gap period, Chinese manufacturing capacity, quality and efficiency, the price is cheap, but foreign buyers don’t know, this is the information gap period, the Alibaba is relying on the rise of this period; secondly, I think that B2B is only suitable for some basic industries, such as steel, petroleum, chemical industry, textile industry homogenization of these products, or high levels of industrial parts and electronic components, and similar products. The products of the purchaser, because every purchase behavior is very sensitive to price changes, so we need to continuously seek supplier information, it requires the B2B website provides information intermediary. For example, steel procurement, because of the large number of purchases, the price information on the B2B site is more dependent on. Industrial parts procurement, as long as the use of a B2B site, can be selected suppliers, in fact behind if not a major change, it is so few suppliers for product supply, there will rarely use the B2B website. But from the point of view of the use value, the value of B2B website is limited in time and space.


is limited, so not all industry sub sectors are and B2B, nor any period of time, B2B can have a result. Many people do not see this, perhaps just to see the huge success of Alibaba and a number of B2B sites, so have established industry segments B2B website, this kind of B2B website now is on a path of self destruction.

conscience of the fallen

B2B website at the beginning, it is closely related to conscience. Think that year, because Alibaba fakes as well as fraud too much, resulting in a great deal of risk, originally screening false information, which should be done by Alibaba. But Alibaba is the introduction of the integrity of the product, so that the integrity of suppliers pay. The Alibaba opened a business method of conscience is to make money. Later, the small and medium B2B site for this is to play to the pole. As far as I’m concerned, there are three phenomena. The first is for the manufacturers of dishonesty. Most of the B2B site advertising price and the actual transaction price, the difference is great, but in order to attract businesses, promotional transaction price is false. Also includes the amount of fraud, the number of manufacturers, registered users and other data, and some even if it is not false, but at least not accurate. Second, for the buyer’s bad faith. Many segments of the B2B website, to the highest bidder, whether it is advertising, search ranking, priority display and so on products, buyers are not high quality and inexpensive manufacturers, and even some manufacturers of inferior products, it is the largest contribution of these products. This is not good for buyers. Third, for the user’s dishonesty. B2B site is a registered user, the station is filled with a large number of spam messages and false information. Sold the user to the highest bidder. Above three >

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