Analysis of the need to learn electricity supplier website interaction skills three

2012, the rapid development of power electricity supplier website seems inadequate, profit growth potential has become more and more difficult to excavate, especially to develop new markets, increase the risk of investment has been growing, in the external environment is not good today, how to do the existing loyalty without loss, has become the best way to break the cold of the current electricity supplier website! So how can we increase the attractiveness of the current user? Interaction will play a decisive role here!

But the bottleneck of

interaction is many current electricity supplier website operation, most interaction from the user evaluation of the product, and these comments also very easy to master change, a lot of praise or not to the point of praise, not only did not let the website interactive get effective sublimation, trust instead of great influence website. So improve the interaction is not an easy thing! The following I will talk about how to do the electricity supplier website three interactive skills!

one: increase the reliability of the electricity supplier website evaluation system

is now a commodity of good and bad, often do not rely on their own website comprehensive product introduction, more need to refer to the user evaluation of the product, we have said before, in the evaluation of the function of many commercial sites to do is very simple, this is not conducive to the improvement of the evaluation system, the more can not increase trust website product! The author believes that in the evaluation system, to set up the related regulations, for example, must be a member will be able to evaluate, must have used this kind of product, is also a member of the qualification evaluation, evaluation content can not be removed by the third party, unless the members have their own delete permission! Of course, for some malicious evaluation, it is necessary to through special means to purify the waste of goods evaluation!

two: to increase membership function, so that members of the page to help interact

Now many

electricity supplier website launched a membership function, mostly is to facilitate the user orders, check orders and other functions, such as Taobao now market, membership function is limited to the vast product inquiries, order delivery receipt and so on, this way is certainly not to apply the current demand for electricity supplier website interaction, so we can an appropriate increase in the electricity supplier website membership function, the electricity supplier’s membership function and SNS social media is closer, so it can effectively increase the residence time of the members on the site! At the same time, it is also convenient for users to share the product evaluation!

but would like to remind you here, increase the membership function is shared between members, but can not ignore the interaction between the webmaster or customer service and membership, so there must be a shared community is also very important, why Taobao has their own community, this is to let everyone be able to speak freely here, so in order to improve the quality of interaction, open up an interactive program, and is also very necessary for an interactive forum!

three: Q & A and regular organization activities are necessary

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