Why 90% micro brush circle of friends do not sell

since May 2013, in addition to the inside circle of friends point praise party, party, party outside self chowhound has a class of people, they are derivative. At the same time, the circle of friends scraper has become an important channel for derivative transactions. You do not know is that 90% of the micro brush circle of friends not only failed to bring the attention of customers and transactions, but was ruthless black and black shield.

that a lot of people say that after doing a micro business, familiar people have a strange, unfamiliar people become familiar. And this is becoming more and more common.

so, what the hell is this?

a brush too many people

first, because now too many people in the brush. So that the trust of your circle of friends is synchronized weakened and overdraft. Imagine A and B know C, A in B in the brush brush mask, mask, they all take C as their target customers to sell, that C should believe? For C, A and B are friends, equally worthy of trust. In addition, in addition to A and B, as well as D, E, F, G and so on in the brush, which makes C how to choose


two, no trust

when a lot of people in the brush circle of friends, you don’t have to attract customers, then the big reason is that your character is not enough, in your circle of friends of friends of trust is not high enough, which is listed as an alternate or black list ranks.

three, no fans

refers to the number of friends circle of friends. As we all know, sales is a probability problem, the number of friends circle of friends, like the flow of traffic into the store, the passenger flow, then the probability of turnover will be high. So, when your circle of friends is only a few dozen people, how can you compare with hundreds of other people’s friends, then your business will naturally reduce the turnover rate.

four, no intentions

The so-called

have no intentions, refers to the brush circle of friends simply brush in the product function and product composition analysis, photo source, safety, health and so on, these are very common things, is also the most boring things, because you are not working, you can’t find out the highlights of the product, so it’s not cause customers heart. Because you have no intentions in the brush, certainly not inviting customers.

five, did not adhere to

A lot of people do

derivative, is thinking that flourishes, thinking about the things in my circle of friends, and a lot of people to ask, and then the products continue to clinch a deal, then, then you can earn a lot of money. Of course, this is just an illusion, not even a dream. If the micro really so simple, the world has long been harmonious. So, when you insist on a week to no effect, if you insist on a week without effect, and you really want to go in the micro business on the road, please continue to review and sum up experience, continue to adhere to the death of the teeth, hair down, there is always the effect.

six, no interactive

don’t know if you have not read a book, is one of the millet co-founder Liwan Jiang’s "millet"

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