Do not make price war to a new life of liquor

recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a new interpretation of the relevant provisions of the implementation of the "Prohibition of price fraud provisions", the new regulations that the terms of the "false preferential discount", "original fiction" has a more comprehensive and detailed explanation. The new regulations also referred to the joint liability business platform, the third party platform home businesses low-cost, fictitious fictitious business promotion activities, compulsory third party platform businesses false price, business platform will be regarded as the subject of price fraud.

has been, "with low-cost products as a gimmick" impression has been deeply in the minds of consumers, a mention of business, people’s minds emerge immediately "cheap" word, liquor business is no exception. Liquor and wine prices between the scores, the price war is. Insiders said that with the development and Reform Commission issued new regulations the opportunity of liquor business should focus on long-term, work together to build a "competing prosperity ecosystem".

three home liquor business platform price change

this year, Portugal shares through the acquisition of 66 million 690 thousand yuan of nine shares, 51% profit source in the wine net price of 140 million yuan to sell green barley wine (90.5% shares), also buy wine with the price of about 500 million yuan to Goethe Ying xiang. Just six months, three liquor vertical business platform is easy to master, and the group with ultra low valuation of cash, people on the liquor electricity supplier in the future heart health concerns.

previously, due to the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, wine business platform market is more confusing. Last year "double 11" liquor electricity supplier war, can be used to describe the tragic, the top four has liquor electricity supplier to the ultra low price of Moutai, Wuliangye and other famous for the entrance, set off a price war in the reign of terror.

on the same day, Sichuan 1919 launched the first "Moutai + Wuliangye 1111 yuan", "Wuliangye 499 yuan", then the challenge brewmaster network resorted to a Wuliangye lowest 459 yuan, 659 yuan Moutai "," Moutai + Wuliangye 1111 yuan price. "The last record double 11 day: brewmaster network Tmall store sales of about 80 million yuan, Sichuan 1919 sales of about 72 million yuan.

, however, behind the results paid a great price. As a major participant in the price war, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng said brewmaster network "double 11" sales reached 4 million 179 thousand bottles of wine, the equivalent of a medium-sized winery production, but a loss of nearly 20 million yuan. Chairman Yang Lingjiang said in 1919, "double 11" this is a money losing business, do not make money selling products, invested hundreds of human stocking, delivery, the cumulative loss of more than 8 million yuan.

for the liquor electricity supplier price war, the industry’s point of view is highly consistent: the electricity supplier to the bottom line without bargain shopping, no good wine prices and electricity supplier, is a lose lose outcome. For wine prices, the credibility of the brand to reduce, while the electricity supplier also suffered losses. At the same time, for the liquor industry leader position, at no bottom line to bargain shopping, seriously disrupting the order of market and industry rules

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