n the age of electronic commerce

2011 will be the first year of the traditional business e-commerce, e-commerce will be more fierce war this year, e-commerce is experiencing a period at the beginning of the year, Alibaba President Ma made this statement to the electronic commerce, in the recent one or two years of e-commerce will face the bubble economy. People can not help but the development of e-commerce is not the same attitude recently, the major sites have also went to the United States market, it seems that the bubble is not visible clues but a thriving.

courier industry in e-commerce, e-commerce has opened up a new route

in the near future, courier companies turn to the development of electronic commerce, see the development of electronic commerce has brought a certain continuous opportunity to the enterprise, the emergence of electronic commerce provides a convenient channel for more enterprises, the other traditional companies bring opportunities to participate, people know the benefits of electronic commerce, seek not the same the breakthrough in the network. Express delivery enterprises entered the challenges of e-commerce can be imagined, must overcome the lack of experience, not a history of success, to provide valuable experience for the future development of electronic commerce.

traditional retail enterprises to enter e-commerce, retail world three minutes

with on-line Gome online mall, the mall is the original Kuba formed the left and Bo competing situation. Suning, Gome, Jingdong, three world, fighting in the battlefield, not only the product on shopping.

1 logistics competition

proposed new logistics strategy in Alibaba, a lot of e-commerce companies began to build their own warehouse, but also shows the ambition of e-commerce companies. Logistics, has always been considered to be the bottleneck of the development of e-commerce, logistics, e-commerce business is a long-term plan.

2 price war

price, a very sensitive topic, will also be the most destructive weapon of e-commerce in the past few years, I am good at this weapon, you can attract customers, so that customers pay attention to you.

3 services will further improve the quality of

regardless of the logistics services, or for the products of the service, are required to maximize customer satisfaction. Haier promised 24 hours of service, for the enterprise will also be the focus of competition. To provide customers with satisfactory products, satisfactory logistics, is the greatest return on consumers, to win the trust of consumers.

the development of other e-commerce sites

other e-commerce sites are also unwilling to lag behind, such as group buying site, buy site is like a spring. The wind constantly in the market presents a morbid, different degree of the bubble, there are on the market’s game, ratio is not only burn ability! We need a stable, suitable for the development of e-commerce environment. Don’t know the cast burn is to make e-commerce success or go! "

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