Taobao shop emerging business Tomb sweeping Day on behalf of the grave

Tomorrow is April 4, 2012

Tomb-sweeping Day, Tomb-sweeping Day have different customs all over the country, there is a kite, planting, outing, which Tomb-sweeping Day is one of the customs of the grave. The author found in today’s casual search in box input "Tomb-sweeping Day" keyword, the "commodity Tomb-sweeping Day on behalf of the grave, this surprised a lot of people, the Internet also has news reports, the new generation of Tomb-sweeping Day grave business how do you see?

no less than Amoy treasure, Taobao shop at modern grave service



shows the "Tomb-sweeping Day generation grave baby more than 100 pieces, I just type" Tomb-sweeping Day "this 3 word search, drop-down box appears are sorted from the commodity quantity point of view, this shows that the generation of the grave service in" survival "for a long time, I did not go to search it seems that Taobao telepresence is" no less than Amoy treasure, open shop sellers really caught the day when many people.

found the baby Tomb-sweeping Day generation grave 105, the price to 1400 yuan from 100 yuan, a Taobao caofu269 shop sellers to sell the "Lianyungang Guannan Guanyun Donghai area on behalf of the grave goods, the author also found in Beijing, Guilin and other places on behalf of the grave goods, Tomb-sweeping Day generation grave service obviously is restricted by areas.

Tomb-sweeping Day grave meaning can not be denied commercial elements

Tomb-sweeping Day in Chinese has more than 2 thousand and 500 years of history, has a long history, is a rare cultural product, the grave when all over the country every Tomb-sweeping Day family will go to his lost family worship, love and yearning for an expression of affection.

but some sellers to sell in his shop this Tomb-sweeping Day generation grave service basically is denied in our country Tomb-sweeping Day traditional culture, different views, netizens have different views, there are many agree, there are also many opponents. The approver is said when he returned to his hometown in the distance is not when you can buy "Tomb-sweeping Day generation grave" in Taobao online services. The opposition party is small and the same point of view, is full of commercial atmosphere of shopping platform, the Qingming Festival to grave significance is how to use money to buy


: I think Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival, in addition to the long history and traditional culture, Tomb-sweeping Day grave is on the expression of affection thoughts, this is not to be replaced by the others. For the new generation of grave business, the author is not optimistic about the. In this paper, the original starting shop by Ye Yuqing to save money network, the copyright of this shop to save money all the network, reproduced please indicate the copyright information, the original address:

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