4 months after the acquisition of Ali Lazada experienced what events

in April 12th this year, the Alibaba won $1 billion in a controlling stake in Southeast Asia’s largest electricity supplier Lazada, this is Ali and China was the largest single overseas business investment, has aroused widespread concern in the whole world, Southeast Asia and China.

now, the trade has published over the past four months, Ali brought about what changes to Lazada? Chinese sellers so much benefit? China exports to Southeast Asia pattern affected by what? To solve these problems, the state power grid combing the Lazada in the past four months and found that from the beginning of June every act and every move, Lazada gradually increased, involving various logistics, payment, financial management, etc..



independent operation merchants team does not merge

After the

Alibaba announced the acquisition of Lazada, billion state power network the first time on the details of the transaction and the future planning of contact Lazada. The other said that the operation should not be much change, continue to operate independently.

Prior to the acquisition of

, Lazada in Hongkong has about 80 people in the cross-border business team, in February last year, China Merchants, there are more than 6000 Chinese companies settled in its platform. At that time the industry speculated that Ali may have to take over in Hongkong layoffs to reduce spending. Lazada side responded that the two merchants team will not be merged to maintain independent operation, partners also unchanged.

Lazada also emphasized that the Alibaba will learn from experience in the electricity supplier for Southeast Asian sellers, especially small businesses, to create a better development space; the two sides will be the future together, looking for more cooperation.


Zhang Yong: help Chinese sellers to Southeast Asia


in the 2016 fiscal year fourth quarter and full year earnings released after the conference call, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong pointed out that in the coverage of the national market, aliexpress in Asia and parts of Europe, the United States market are very strong, but Lazada has a strong advantage in Southeast Asia, so it is an international business of Ali supplementary, but also an important measure to realize the "Ali users increased to three times, this is now a target.

Zhang Yong also said Ali will use its own advantages of China’s retail platform businesses to help domestic retailers landing Lazada platform to sell products to consumers in Southeast asia.


change return policy mainland Hongkong seller preference

billion state power network was informed that in June this year, Lazada released a new return policy: price of not less than $10 of goods in return, Lazada will be returned to the seller, and the designated address > incense

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