Amoy world to complete the B round of 30 million financing mogujie com lead

August 5th news, had been quite low-key C2C sea Amoy electronic business platform Amoy world today announced the completion of the B round of $30 million financing. This round of financing led by investment, A round of investment with the source of capital investment, but also includes other investors. Amoy world also announced a strategic cooperation with

founder and CEO Chen Dandan scouring the world for billion state power network said: "the B round of investment in and the source of capital, make the world more confidence and determination to Amoy forward to meet the full range of urban women consumer shopping needs, from luxury products will also extend to all aspects of fashion life." While the strategic cooperation with, the two sides will be in the overseas buyer recruitment, shopping experience multiple level optimization and users to expand the depth of cooperation, achieve a win-win situation with the rapid growth of.

it is understood that the Amoy world was founded in August 2014, is a luxury sea Amoy started C2C sea Amoy electronic business platform. The company founder and CEO Chen Dandan has 7 years of experience in studying in Germany, luxury goods and sea Amoy has a very in-depth study. The earliest scouring the world to adopt a "live sea Amoy mode, the location for overseas buyers for C2C scouring the sea platform.

scouring the world, currently has 5 million registered users, daily live users of 100 thousand. Single month turnover of more than 30 million, the customer price of more than 1000 yuan, the purchase rate of more than 60%.

data show that in July 2013, the world to get the heart of the Tao Yuan capital Zheng Boren Angel round of 2 million yuan investment in July 2014, access to $2 million 500 thousand from the source capital A round of financing.

Chen Dandan believes that the core of the sea Amoy C2C electricity supplier, one is to build a strong platform, two is to provide the best user service. In the platform, the strength of the goods be roughly the same situation, who can give customers good service, who will be able to survive in the competition. Therefore, scouring the world spared no expense to build a C2C sea Amoy business unique customer service team, to ensure that users can receive timely customer service support platform in the process of communication with overseas buyers.

in addition, scouring the world today also released a new brand – "world buyers are scouring the interpretation". Scouring the world says the brand strategy release means scouring the world is not only a C2C sea Amoy platform hand-made, more hope to lead China urban women and middle-class families, pursuing higher quality of life demands.

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