U S block chain company Circle 60 million round of investment DG D lead investment Baidu with in

following yesterday officially announced the person in charge of financial business, Baidu in the financial business layout on the next city.

according to foreign media reports, the United States Circle Internet Financial digital payment company said in a statement yesterday, the company has completed a total of $60 million D round, this round of financing led by IDG, Baidu, Breyer Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Nakajin Koko (CICC ALPHA), China Everbright Investment Management Company, universal and the letter should also participate in with cast.

Circle said in a statement at the same time, the company in China area business team is completed, will try to pay the user captured from the Tencent, the Alibaba hand, the financing will be mainly used in Chinese branch business.

according to public information, CIRCLE company was founded in 2013, headquartered in Boston, is an American consumer finance companies, mainly to provide virtual currency bitcoin storage and the national currency exchange service.

the company has been looking for opportunities to expand business in China, CIRCLE three executives have repeatedly come to China to look for business opportunities. In the mobile phone APP you can not only share pictures, expression, but also to foreign remittances, if you send pounds from the UK, they can receive the dollar in the United states." The company executives in the Sean on the end of the month for a China audience speech describing the company’s products use. The company in the block chain technology support to achieve low-cost convertibility of currencies and cross-border exchange, the current support of the dollar, pound and bitcoin exchange.

it is understood that the chain block is a public ledger platform, record and test all bitcoin transactions, using the block chain technology means that money is no longer the traditional bank settlement system, has become a fast and cheap way of cross-border transfers.

The goal of

Circle is to use bitcoin as a background network to enable users to control their own funds in the form of national currency, in order to avoid the possible loss of bitcoin price fluctuations. When the user wants to transfer funds, you can also buy short-term bitcoins, in order to transfer funds (dollars, pounds, euros) to the relevant bank account.

over the past year, Circle users from 150 countries, the annual growth rate of more than 300%, the annual turnover of nearly $1 billion. Just as the Internet in the last century, in 90s changed the media and telecommunications industries, block chain as a new source of value exchange agreement, financial, political and social influence, and even reshape the world economy. Goldman Sachs in 2015, the research report pointed out that the four important technologies will be >

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