Talk about my views on the promotion of the network

said the network promotion, perhaps a lot of people think it is the representative of seo. In fact, I used to be, since the beginning of understanding to build web site, contact, to the website promotion, website SEO occupy a large proportion in the whole process of site operation. Good days around the hair of the chain, but Baidu can give a good ranking, but everyone knows that some really beautiful, do we do promotion on the left of the SEO


have to say, if there is a good site to do SEO, ranking more stable in Baidu, it can bring you a good flow. But to get these high traffic, requires a premise that your site must be stable in Baidu ranking! In everyone’s understanding of SEO still remain in the chain for the emperor’s, so everywhere web site address. The first to admit, this effect is still a little, but from the input-output ratio, it is very worthwhile! Now Baidu algorithm updates, rely on a large number of junk the chain was ranked the era of the past, it is time to think about our future what to do

!Promotion of

returned to the subject or we say, many people are promoting promote their own websites, but there is no thought, why is your website? Is to sell products to sell? Service? The website is a form of expression, we need to go out to promote our products or services, which is our ultimate the purpose of.

now see a lot of people, whether it is to sell their own products, or do Taobao guest, or engaged in related services. It is common practice to promote their website, expect more people to see their website, I hope more people from your website to buy your products or services. But in this series of links, we have not thought about what is wrong with it?

a, traffic acquisition

believes that now there are still a lot of people stay on the website SEO, undeniable website SEO is an important source of traffic, but now the competition is so fierce in the SEO website, you still hold more than your competitors? We all know that Baidu ranking algorithm is changed, you can keep up with Baidu rhythm? Even if all you are doing well, but Baidu also had a few natural ranking position, you can guarantee has been stable in the Baidu home page


two, flow conversion

through the site to optimize the flow may be more accurate, but also have to look at your website transformation. We see a lot of selling the same product, why the same product in two different sites, their conversion rate will be different?. Although a lot of people get a good Baidu rankings, traffic is also very impressive, but it is not a very good transformation, should think about how to do this in the end!

so much, a lot of people have to ask: what should we do?

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