The importance of Web links

      it can be said that the Internet is a link by the circulation of information. The connection site is not like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless. When a visitor enters your website, in the browsing process, if your content does not cause visitors interested, then you will realize that a link in a tag or you will lose a visitor. And the visitors bring and take away not only a person’s information, the potential information is immeasurable.

      a lot of people are afraid to add an external connection (pointing to the connection of other sites) will be a direct loss of a visitor, or to other sites with the so-called IP. As a webmaster, should not be stingy, should not be mandatory to retain users. Users should be allowed to choose. The Internet is a treasure house for people to explore and share. When you share an external connection, if the connection to bring visitors interested in information, so visitors will remember the sites of interest, on the other hand will continue to pay attention to, pay attention to that brought him interested in the content of the website.

      let’s explore and share the delicious meal.

      1, light up your link.

      do not set a < a> and < p> the same as the font color. You should use a contrasting color to stimulate the user: This is a link.

      2, add a hover to your link.

      if you have used colors to distinguish between < and < a> p>; so, please, further for the < a> with the appropriate hover, let this link change in the activation time, let users believe that this is a connection.

      3, do not try to change the style of the mouse.

      many webmaster for personality, trying to change the user’s mouse style. But this way is not desirable, usually make a visitor to distinguish between a picture or text with a connection, the mouse style is one of the important factors.

      4, add title to your connection.

      < a href="" > has been able to produce a continuous >

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