Creative activities to bring more back to the site

often mixed bean knows that the above people often organize some online activities, we play very lively, I also "hidden" in the watercress for some time, pure. Recently his stand because several popular keywords by Google to drop the ranking, at IP on a few less, more than indescribably anxious, so I wanted to be able to through the organization of a campaign to attract a number of fixed users, not silly Deguang rely on search engines.

night to all night, that is not the end, can organize a thing. Don’t think for second days in a music class QQ group launched, dozens of people and get the response, it suddenly let my spirit up, then give advice and suggestions, activity is certainly I write a guide, and a sleepless night, the third day event guide emerged, and interested friends to discuss. When a group of 200 people has added more than and 100. I am an administrator, naturally in the group announcement on the address of my site, all of a sudden flow up, I stand in my own theme is not bad, is partial travel that piece is more attractive, PV finally prosperous.

this activity is called "a national tour of CD", is a CD sent to all parts of the country, and then sent to the next person, and finally sent to my friends in australia. I really admire you can come up with the idea, the long cycle lasts for more than one year, so you have to have a tracking reports of place, I will put forward my website to track and report, QQ group, watercress update group, agreed by all. In order to let more people participate in the I launched all contacts, think, more than a year, every few days will arrive in a new city, that is to say the website will update the whereabouts of the CD, but also a lot of people every day to visit my site is equal to, and these are back, then the content of the web site to do better, it is these regulars, and word of mouth, even small purple red can also obtain a fixed number of users. Of course, the organization is also happy for everyone.

sum up, a good idea is more effective than IP for organizing activities everywhere posts, of course, also want to see their own content, if it is to do e-commerce friends, take some capital to do promotional activities, to taste a little sweetness to others; if it is a forum, also can do activities, to active members send gifts, mouse pad like ah, the forum in the printed on the logo, you can also launch a relationship to find a few sweet voice MM do a few stations, people feel good will automatically help you propaganda, rather than own everywhere on the Internet posting find IP easier? Oh

finally mention my station: love walk (

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