Talk about how is taking advantage of the occasion to marketing

you must have heard that the network marketing marketing occasion, such as the use of hot events, hot event marketing is done, this one we know through comparison and use more will not say. Today, I would like to talk about how to borrow popularity, is how rub the popularity of others.

borrow some time ago is relatively popular famous example of fortune teller Wang Lin, for this thing I believe we all know a Zou Yong guy because he was dead against technology million, of course he did not get yourself in. Their mutual enmity is not to say that only their history which won the three.

we first said Zou Yong, he was a poor boy from fortune is borrowed his master Wang Lin’s popularity, using his master contacts, Wang Lin became famous as Zou Yong Wang Lin’s apprentice, how will be high at a glance and then bring a lot of opportunities.

Wang Lin can quickly famous and save vast wealth also borrowed popularity, otherwise with him a fortune telling how they can accumulate so much wealth. He first tried to pull those celebrities and wealthy, even if this relationship is false, as long as there are people who believe that, on the success of the nature, there are a lot of people came to the door. They think these people buy your account, you must have two brushes, on the other hand because they also hope that through you as an intermediary to know more contacts. Wang Lin slowly gathered his popularity, naturally mix of wind.

these things into the network marketing network is borrowed from the celebrity fame, if you can direct and their private conditions, then the occurrence of some substantial relationships, such as mentoring. Of course, if not, it does not matter, we can build, build is divided into two aspects. On the one hand, on the other hand is to follow the trend of naysayers.

We take the

skin care products for example, the domain expert is Niu Er, small P teacher, not the old fairy mother, usually my grass root is not possible and they know. We can only use the method of no money and their relationship, that is to create.

, the first method is to say that they are so God’s apprentice, set the typical successful.

skin care products are divided into several categories, is freckle whitening moisturizing??? Is pulling wrinkle? Is yellow? This time we have to choose one of the categories such as moisture, who is then online to check this class of experts, such as cattle, cattle, he is so popular! A book, also have their own programs, then you can call yourself is his "Apprentice", that is through self-study his books, TV programs and other ways to achieve their maintenance purpose.

Of course, the

light is not enough, you should combine their methods to summarize a set of effective methods and products, that is to say you want the things people understand, and can speak out can. Of course, you can sum up a set of your own way through his theory it is no better. The most important thing is to have your own practical experience in your approach

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