Cold induced O2O was frozen over capital advised entrepreneurs financing fast slow burn

Zhang Chuan, vice president of

58 city revealed that the most difficult period in the city of 58, more than $10 thousand of the cost, must be confirmed by all the flowers after VP".

just 3 months ago, many entrepreneurs also maneuver in various VC, and investors bargain, wait for the right price to sell. However, with the international market weakness, especially the recent series of A stock market plummeted, venture capital market has entered a "frozen" mode, a lot of entrepreneurs, who suddenly see VC, or start daozhui VC. Sponsored by the 58 city China days before the O2O summit in Yuelu, almost all industry heavyweights are advised in the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, "to get financing, to have obtained the financing of entrepreneurial projects, to pay attention to the rhythm of money"".

"now a lot of project C round of valuation is still lower than the B round, vice president of China auto rental hall Zang said," in fact, the capital market has entered a downward range, I think it should be the beginning of a trough, optimism is estimated to be two or three years, 35 years is not optimistic, can take the money to get the money."

venture capital market in the second half of rapid cooling

venture capital market plummeted, well-known financial adviser Huaxing capital most feelings. Before the two rounds of financing between our customers is 12 months, but last year the highest capital bubble, the interval of only one or two months, and the valuation should be doubled. Before financing more than 30 million yuan is a big case, now is frequently more than 50 million yuan "Huaxing Capital Partners Du Yongbo said," but from the beginning of the end of 2014, we observed on the market the most radical investment fund dedicated Internet began to shrink, they have a standard bar effect, go earlier. In the fourth quarter of 2008, when the European debt crisis fermentation, with today’s feeling almost, there are so cold, we can indeed be the time point is the beginning of the new capital market winter".

DCM partner Ceng Zhenyu also said: from the intuitive experience and data in two aspects, the number of transactions completed and the amount of financing are smaller. When in the second half of last year and the first half of this year, 50 million yuan did not melt into the way people. In the second half, the trend is indeed very cool down.

O2O urgent need to return to the commercial nature of

in the capital fanatical period, enterprise and capital are keen to put the satellite, operational data, financing data of a lot of water, a vogue. "Data fraud is contagious, fraud is an important manifestation of financing market bubble to a certain extent, yaojinbo pointed out.

now, when the lost VC promoter, many enterprises, especially in the habit of "burning" O2O enterprise suddenly lost direction. "O2O more crazy than the electricity supplier, burn rate is calculated by billion yuan, once the company encountered financial difficulties, on the face of failure." "Entrepreneurs" editor Niu Wenwen pointed out.

"we enjoyed the bubble before, and we’re going to calm down."

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