Analysis of the smart home industry website to develop the correct promotion route

is now in the rapid development of the domestic Internet, as a new concept of intelligent Home Furnishing products industry in the Internet is very competitive, businesses are concerned about the Internet market value, given the fierce competition of intelligent Home Furnishing industry, if there is value? Today is how I talk about intelligent analysis Home Furnishing industry website, to make the correct extension of the route.

a, site positioning:

smart home industry as the enterprise website, the first thing to do is to locate the site, the site depends on the location of the company, the direction of development. How to locate it? Site positioning has the following aspects:

1 products for the crowd (gender, age, for businesses, for individuals);

2 marketing area (domestic, foreign, a certain provinces, regions);

3 products in the industry classification (high, medium and low).

with these conditions can be a good position to establish their own orientation. The next step is to plan the next step.

two, industry analysis:

Do the smart Home Furnishing industry website analysis can effectively promote the correct

, the intelligent Home Furnishing industry as an example, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are attention to the Internet, want to open up the market in the Internet, traffic is only Baidu interface and they can think of. Analysis of the smart home industry competition from Baidu’s level of analysis can effectively draw conclusions. How to analyze it?

1 can use search engines to search the industry’s popular keywords, see the number of sites do Baidu bidding;

2 shows the number of top-level domains in the first 3 pages (the greater the number, the more intense the competition);

analysis of 3 home top three website weight (the number of the chain, included the number, PR value, code, URL);

4 Analysis of the competitiveness of the industry keywords (excluding high key words, select a lower degree of competition keywords).

do these work is the need to seriously analysis, to avoid waste optimization time, eliminate those difficult keywords, so that can effectively do the next step.

three, system promotion route:

1 search engine promotion route:

search engine promotion is the most popular smart home industry promotion route, the search engine brings the most direct flow, but also the most directional. This also led to the search engine promotion competition is very intense, so how to do a good job in search engine promotion?

Search engine promotion fees from

core keywords setting price plus creative and quality related degree, need to monitor, even so, the search engine promotion fee is a very burn promotion, but also have a certain effect, the key is to see how you do.

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