The 6 factors affecting the promotion effect of enterprise SEM

SEM Search Engine is the abbreviation of Marketing Chinese is search engine marketing, namely to search engine as the process or activity to the media to achieve the purpose of the sales can be called search engine marketing. Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou, 360 search for mainstream search engines accounted for more than 99% market share.


search engine marketing form from the advertising trigger principle can be divided into keyword advertising, targeted advertising, from the operation and delivery method can be divided into SEO promotion, promotion, brand area, web promotion and open platform. We mentioned here SEM is put in effect, several of the above analysis the overall advertising effect. Impact on the SEM effect of the following factors.

a, industry and business factors

different industries and different business in the industry to promote the performance of the SEM is different, in the promotion of SEM prediction and optimization process to consider the impact of this.

education industry, automobile industry, the financial industry, and so tend to have relatively high promotion effect.

two, brand factor

The influence of brand factors in

marketing process can be said to be decisive. The promotion of SEM should be based on the influence of different stages of the brand set up the budget and put the channel, so as to get the best results.

brand has formed a credibility, easy to achieve sales transformation.

three, search engine factor

different search engine market share is different, the audience attributes are different, in the SEM promotion according to the brand positioning, product and geographical characteristics, choose the right search engine to put.

Baidu as a preliminary test of the market and peatlands is a good choice, Google used to locate professionals and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan users.

four, advertising form factor

enterprise SEM promotion KPI requirements have focused on the different forms of advertising. Pay attention to the choice of product brand exhibition promotion network alliance is appropriate, focusing on the effect of promotion may be selected for promotion.

in the course of the promotion of the brand and the promotion of the effect is only the weight of the different, very few enterprises to promote unilateral.

five, the optimization factor

advertising need regular optimization in the later, different search engines have different characteristics and rules on the media, but also involves the adjustment of the budget, the user location, seasonal factors, regional, creative material etc..

optimize the delivery of endless, with the ability to optimize the professional launch, can effectively save money, improve the effect.

six site factor

site as the promotion of the landing site, the site’s open speed, net >

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