The cultivation of the road Master Wangzhuan experience

recently had the fans gave me hope that I write some of the reviews and dry cargo, even better than the existing methods, as Wangzhuan trainers I gladly agreed to his request.

simply put forward a total of 3 requirements:

1: the whole process to stand in a corner of the grassroots money, is not to spend promotional fees.

2: Sales of products can not be sold to friends, must be sold directly to unfamiliar markets.

3: to fourth months from the project, to be able to earn at least $10 thousand a month.

later, after a simple test, has now been fully realized, so there is this article.

before I published methods, I hope everyone would understand a basic common sense, any network marketing is nothing more than "create flow" process, as long as you have the traffic, regardless of where to sell, sell what can be achieved sales. To create a lot of traffic, you can work with people (mostly in the enterprise), you can spend money to buy (mostly in the enterprise), you can also have a free flow of the way. This paper will be published 1 short the fastest return Wangzhuan method.

let’s get started!

speaking of things from 2012, when I and friends opened an online florist, did not buy, then hard money speculation pulled tens of millions of financing like roseonly, I’m not stupid. After entering the flower industry, I quickly found that 95% of the original consumption is a man, and where is the man?

so I got some beautiful Wuhan local girl, let them put the photos in WeChat and Mo, approached hundreds of men every day, anyway, gossip are ignored, talk about the flower, also can get tens of thousands of monthly income.

Later I heard that

roseonly more than a year of no profit, behind the high sales of higher spending, and I almost zero cost to the promotion, this is not money to start empty-handed people, more suitable for.

and I’m not just a person to do so, and now there are many pretty girls on WeChat circle of friends in the money, because as long as the beautiful, there are people concerned, we have a few hearts. Sell high imitation or sell shoes to sell clothes to sell, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

this shop called runaway Marie florist, then we opened the store. Manager Liu Jiazhou is my friend and partner. In Wuhan, Hongshan, welcome to visit, guest.

do you see that,


the core of the whole drainage is: through social software A, cited men into the transaction platform B. So if you want to make money at zero cost, the best way is not to sell the mask, sell American clothing, but to sell men’s products. Because the man is good, the woman is not good. Few people think of this idea, even if there are, but also directly on the A to sell things, the lack of basic knowledge of marketing.


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