How will the The Legend of Zhen Huan tactics in network marketing in the harem

recently on the Internet can be seen everywhere in the TV drama name "The Legend of Zhen Huan", from the television ratings and Zhen Huan body spread in micro-blog, the forum in the harem drama show popular level. Because the harem battle Bureau as the past two years the television ratings of the weapon, the harem because women want to get emperor favour of infighting is very eye-catching. A fly the branches would be always in an invincible position, so that the imperial concubines dispute becomes a normal head broken and bleeding. The perspective to online shopping mall, it is not difficult to find, in the annual business volume of e-commerce in today’s highly developed online shopping mall platform or from marketing, there are more and more fierce competition, mall site growth also caused the market interests increasingly thin situation is not difficult to foresee, in the next few years. Network mall competition will enter the superheating stage, to obtain a certain commercial position in the market has become the primary task for many online shopping mall, so today is the author to analyze some enlightenment about the website mall competition to get from The Legend of Zhen Huan, look at how to use these tactics in the harem empress who share the brutal competition in the market a cup of soup.

, Hua Fei: exquisite luxury, let the consumer glance forget

Huanzhong Zhen Hua Fei is undoubtedly the whole drama the most compelling characters, then played a lavish type, grabbed Yong Zheng’s heart, compared to the queen, Hua Fei get the favor of Yong Zheng wins. Women who have been pleased with themselves, this sentence can not only be presented in the TV show, the mall can also be reflected in the competition. Professional design of the mall can be a good grasp of the hearts of consumers, so that consumers think you have a good potential to provide more quality services. Mall to win the hearts of consumers, from the outset, should let the consumer feel your exquisite, consumers through the mall on the first impression and the first visit can be judged by hand or slide the mouse website with good strength, if not ideal, the upper right corner of the Red Cross is that certain. Businesses through the mall to sell their products, then no matter how good the quality of the product, there is no compelling product advertising, it is also useless. The mall launched Amoy business also requires consumers to click on, depending on the actual sales, so between the mall and the consumer must have a good agreement and guarantee, and make unnecessary differences between the mall and the consumers. Can be seen, the mall wants to own the advantage of power, then the first thing is to design a beautiful site and can seize the eye of a consumer’s exquisite packaging.

two, Shen Yu: to love moving, and consumers have a mutually beneficial relationship

Shen meizhuang is a talented woman in Yong Zheng’s palace, she and Zhen Huan is the old friend, her favor Zhen Huan Road is also part of the credit, for Yong Zheng, he really loved her, and the people very friendly, and no time to think of yourself as a harem master. Because of her kindness, by the grace of Yong Zheng. Online shopping

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