ETUDE 27 cn exposure of the newly acquired Larry domain aili com

is the largest women’s portal, ETUDE has recently successfully enabled the "ETUDE" Larry domain, web pages and agreement, ETUDE acquired is website domain name.


diagram: Web page

According to the ETUDE

morning person responsible for Hangzhou micro Bo said, ETUDE web enabled domain name, micro-blog users that this message is very concerned about this, forwarding and comment on micro-blog.


figure: micro-blog page

Aili can be seen as ETUDE, Ai Li, love, love and other ritual Chinese characters Pinyin, Whois query, domain name has been registered as early as in 2001, now has 11 years of registration time, was a registered CN domain name is empty, the current Shanghai love cake web site, domain name has commercial value.


map: domain name information

Pinyin domain because of its simple and easy to remember. At home by enterprise favorite, many enterprises have acquired Pinyin domain to standard website, such as Suning Appliance in 2010 bought generous Larry domain (independent enabled), the same way network bought (not enabled), eLong heavily to acquire (not enabled) and so on.

ETUDE acquired, once again reflects the domestic enterprises to strengthen brand protection of domain name, domain name field to domestic phonetic domain most mainstream, the future long time there will be more companies will acquire its brand related domain name case, has the very big development space domain name.

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