Baidu language to buy their own channels to promote entertainment channel

recently the movie "Chibi" is a very high heat, although mixed on the Internet, but its spread effect is getting better and better.

today in the Baidu index above it, darling, queries a day 190 thousand, attention is 90 degrees to rise.

let’s do this, the most concern is on the Internet who earned the money flow. So in the search for Baidu in Chibi this keyword, ranked in the first place is actually Baidu. Baidu row a lot of key word is not strange, the most strange is behind the site actually have a promotion". Baidu entertainment "Chibi" project page by Baidu in the first place with PPC mode, it is to look somewhat fresh. To Baidu’s previous operating practices, he is generally manual intervention search ranking results, so that their children stand on the first line. May be the last few days, Google has been proposed that there will be no manual intervention search results, Baidu is difficult in a short time to do this natural ranking first. Or this word is short-term hot word, do not need too much fuss, managed to get ranked first in nature, the word is not hot. Or is Baidu in order to promote their own PPC business, simply to consume their click rate, pull GDP.

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