April 2016 global browser share Chrome beat E win

IDC network (idcps.com) on 04 August 05 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in April, the global browser market share in World War II, Chrome with 41.72% share beyond the IE, to become the new PA. IE share relegated to runner up, continued to decline narrowed to 40.67%, behind Chrome about 1%, according to current trends, this gap will be widening. Below, please look at the IDC review of the relevant data network consolidation.


(Figure 1) April 2016 global browser market share map

as shown in Figure 1, in April the global browser market, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera is still the five major browsers, the share of the order of 41.72%, 40.67%, 10.14%, and 1.97%. Compared with last month, ranking slightly changed, Chrome replaced IE in the first place, IE fell to second. The reason is that, from January 2015 onwards, the share of IE has been eroded, at the same time, Chrome shares continued to rise, days and months multiplying status of the two inevitably, changes.


(Figure 2) from November 2015 to April 2016 the global browser share chart

can be learned by Figure 2, in the period from November 2015 to the first half of April 2016, IE browser and Chrome share trend, opposite the former decreased, the latter rise, Overlord dispute becomes more and more fierce. By April 2016, the share of Chrome increased from 2.63% to 41.72%, while the share of IE due to reduced 2.73% to 40.67%, the two ranking finally happened swap.

in addition, in the past six months, Firefox’s share fell from 12.24% to 10.14%, if this trend, next month is likely to fall below the level of 10%. In addition, the share of Safari and Opera no significant ups and downs.


(Figure 3) April 2016 global browser version of the market share of TOP10

according to figure 3, in April the global browser version ten market share strong melee, IE11.0 won the ringleader, but share last month reduced 2.12%, reduced to 21.07%. The local ranking is still Chrome49.0, its share rose sharply, from 13.67% to 20.64%, IE11.0 to the position of hegemony to form a serious threat.

worth mentioning is third IE10.0, its share of 5.9>

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