The CN domain name of new provinces at the beginning of the four letters were brewing lore

since the second half of 09, the CNNIC CN domain name registration and tighten the Ministry tightening of the CN domain name registration policy after the turnover of CN greatly affected the domain name, the transaction price and registration volume plummeted, but two days before she received four letters CN internal message said minon mass was robbed, here we come look at what is going on.

I recently received the news that some high-profile positions, at the beginning of two provinces abbreviation + lore initials CN domain, involving dozens of provinces and a second tier city, involving tens of thousands of enterprises. According to a senior Shanghai rice farming incomplete statistics, the domain name was lore mainly from November 17th to November 21st, has been registered under more than 3 thousand four letter CN four letter domain name, CN domain which involves dozens of provinces and municipalities directly under the central government and the provincial capital at the beginning of the abbreviations.


minon for map

the domain name city forum and renamed China forum also found someone to discuss the matter, and think this is not CN new open personal registration. For the bulk CN domain name is registered, minon respectively have different views, some think the reason is because the "China minon cooperation with Tencent email domain name, that is five yuan can be registered, and the second year renewal for five yuan, the sale of the CN domain name is to blame, what is not caused by the new open. However, for this argument also minon opposed, that may not be registered five yuan, 5 yuan can not resolve the domain name for instant transaction, and if the transaction to pay 60 yuan / month / year, will increase the cost of rice farming.


"Chinese five yuan of domain name registration page screenshot

for the beginning of the four provinces of the letter CN domain name is lore whether it is because of CNNIC deal to open not sure, but it is still a CN domain name in the domestic market, or whether a novice Jiancang insideinfo CN chiefs want to open, I think as long as you can get the appropriate return of investment can be let go to do. (text / alone in the wind. Blog: Original article if reproduced, please keep the original link address!)

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