2010 Guangdong Guangzhou nternet industry conference held in June 6th

2010 Asian Games, let us look forward to more opportunities for the development of the Internet in Guangzhou. Take this opportunity, in the Committee Propaganda Department, the Guangdong Department of culture under the guidance of marketing in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Institute of Computer Society (www.admin5.com), A5 station network direct assistance, Guangzhou webmaster club organized the forum. The General Assembly will provide an exchange platform for the majority of people in the IT industry, the government officials concerned about the development of the Internet in Guangdong, the company responsible for the network and webmasters involved. Industry representatives, guests and participants will discuss the direction of positive interaction, get more benefits for traditional industries using the Internet, let the Internet technical service of economic development, promote the progress and development of the Internet industry.


conference will be the "webmaster to join the industry innovation, create new cooperation platform" webmaster and enterprise as the theme, the general assembly as a fundamental principle and guiding ideology, invited senior experts over the Internet for many webmaster of the present and the future of the Internet, in-depth study of local vertical industry websites operating experience, how to operate e-commerce websites and other topics.

meeting the world’s top sponsor support: Chinese merchant chamber support, and Richard Lee, Huo Zhenhuan, Cai Guanshen, Xu Rongmao, Liu Yonghang, Li Zhaoji, Zhang Jindong, Wang Chuanfu, Guo Henian, Chen Yongzai, Guo Lingming, Cai Tianbao, Zheng Yutong, Su Xuming, Wu Guangzheng, Zhang Songsheng, Zeng Xianzi together to take a luxury cruise ship


general assembly does not set the threshold, student site administrator, network enthusiasts, well-known webmaster, industry representatives can sign up for participants. In order to ensure the quality of the general assembly, the organizing committee will strictly examine the guests and business representatives attended the lecture content. And to exchange ideas and information, trading items "as the purpose, namely: the exchange of ideas, increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, make friends; the exchange of information, exchange of resources, complementary advantages, mutual exchange of needed products; trade projects, investment and financing, negotiation, cooperation and win-win. The general assembly to the technical exchanges (public) as the starting point, will be provided for each distinguished guests free of charge.

for the active atmosphere of the meeting, the meeting set up multi layer gift:

network registration before 200: you can get a fine clothes

network registration before 100: you can get the Asian Games Organizing Committee to commemorate the gift of 1 copies of

line registration before 100: you can get a fine clothes

line registration before 50: you can get the Asian Games Organizing Committee to commemorate the gift of 1 copies of

set up the 3 round of the draw, tickets for the Asian Games, the owner of the server space is lucky you!

the most popular guest or host: reward worth 50000 yuan around the world travel places!

conference registration website: http://s.2010.jgz.cc/enroll.asp   (QQ group: 47788123)


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