The provisions on the administration of nternet publishing services shall not be engaged in nterne

recently, the State Press and publication administration, the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued fifth orders since March 10th, implementation of "web publishing service management regulations". The provisions of article tenth states that Chinese foreign joint ventures, Chinese foreign cooperative enterprises and foreign funded enterprises shall not engage in Internet publishing services.

at the same time, web publishing service unit and the territory of the Sino foreign joint ventures, Sino foreign cooperative ventures and foreign enterprises or foreign organizations and individuals in the network publishing services business cooperation projects, shall be reported in advance to the State Press and Publication Administration approval.

said the network publication "Regulations", refers to the public through information network, digital works with editing, production, processing and publishing features, including literature, art, science and other fields in the informativeinstructive text, pictures, maps, games, animation, video and audio books and other original digital works; digital works are consistent with the published books, newspapers, periodicals, audio-visual products and electronic publications. The "provision" will only allow the company in Chinese approved and wholly awarded the business license, in order to provide web publishing service.


1: General

first in order to standardize the network publishing service order and promote the healthy and orderly development of network publishing services, according to the "publication management regulations", "Internet information services management approach" and the relevant laws and regulations, the enactment of this provision.

Article second the provisions of article

of the People’s Republic of China on the Internet publishing services shall apply.

the term "network publishing services" as mentioned in these Provisions refers to the provision of network publications to the public through the information network.

the term "network publications" as mentioned in these Provisions refers to the digital works which are provided to the public through the information network, and have the characteristics of editing, production, processing and so on. The scope includes:

(a) literature, art, science and other fields of knowledge, thinking of the text, pictures, maps, games, animation, audio and video books and other original digital works;

(two) and the publication of books, newspapers, periodicals, audio and video products, electronic publications, such as the content of the digital works;

(three) will be the works through the selection, arrangement, collection and other forms of network literature database and other digital works;

(four) state press and Publication Administration of radio and television identified other types of digital works.

The specific business classification of

network publishing services will be formulated separately.

third is engaged in web publishing service, shall abide by the Constitution and relevant laws and regulations, insist on serving the people and socialism direction, adhere to the direction of socialist advanced culture, promoting socialist core values, spread and accumulation of all is beneficial to improve the national quality, promoting economic development and society into.

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