2014 Guangdong nternet Conference in August 23rd the successful closing of the general assembly in

2014 Guangdong Internet webmaster General Assembly in Guangzhou in August 23rd Cole Haiyue Hotel ended


2014 Guangdong Internet webmaster conference site

2014 Guangdong Internet webmaster general assembly, held in August 23rd, more than and 500 participants from all walks of life and business owners, come here! The spirit of "cross-border consolidation opportunities" concept, A5 station network in Guangdong stationmaster alliance to build a communication platform for the Internet practitioners in Guangdong province



Admin5 webmaster net speech and speech

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has a long history as a meeting and better meeting the background of the Internet entrepreneurs Conference – Guangdong Internet Conference has been successfully held many sessions, the Internet has become a platform for the exchange of trade in Guangdong province with visibility and influence, the attention and the media reports, by the owners welcome and praise.

the conference covers e-commerce, local site operators, micro marketing, mobile Internet content nowadays frontier, the meeting aims to discuss topics related to current trends in Internet development, study, summary and development of Internet entrepreneurs to share experience, explore opportunities and prospects for future Internet business.


Ye Dagang chair: Mobile Internet and finance roundtable discussion


Zhou Ning teacher presided over: local industry roundtable discussion

through this conference, hoping to help the Internet elite share in Guangdong to promote the development of the Internet industry, enhance the industry innovation capability, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, looking for the development of more clear industry road, the Guangdong Internet Conference will closely follow the development trend of the new era, will eventually become normal communication carrier and innovative the Internet industry of great value.


this session of the general assembly: Guo Jijun, Zhu millet


conference guests photo

special thanks to the conference the following units:

guidance unit: China Internet association Internet developer working group

Guangzhou Internet association

: Admin5 co sponsored Guangdong webmaster nets, Adsense alliance, network


co organizer: pig CMS, Sohu, Chatteris seven cattle cloud storage, Huayun data, Ali cloud

support: Baidu alliance, relieving network, Discuz!, propaganda easy laggards, home owners, fire currency network, love station network, nine wins advertising alliance, thunderstorm capital, micro cast network

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