Discuz Community function update new version of QQ group growth display and QQ pop remind

July 18th news, Discuz cloud platform’s community QQ group recently launched two new features: the default version of the long display and binding group reminder. This is the first update since the official release of Discuz cloud platform in May 21, 2011.

It is understood that the Discuz

community! QQ group since its launch, the community and the QQ group to connect, to let the QQ group traffic and popularity for the website, so it has attracted widespread attention and praise of the majority of owners; and the newly added two new features, will show better in the QQ group in the community content, outstanding community information, let the QQ group to traffic and user community.

community QQ group a new function: Discuz! Site binding community QQ group, group dynamic default long version.  



, many users do not click on the right side of the "dynamic dynamic" button, makes the group dynamic long version information came to light rate is reduced; and the community launched the QQ group Discuz! Binding sites of the group for the long version of the default dynamic display function, the long version information have more exposure station information higher value of


to respect the user’s habits, if the user closes the QQ group window, click on the group dynamics, then the user opens the QQ group window, will still display a short version.

community QQ group new features two: Adsense QQ group binding Discuz! Site, the system will automatically for the group to send a message. The message is accompanied by QQ bounce reminder. Be able to notify the user in a timely manner, always pay attention to community dynamics!

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