The new P2P platform to catch up from behind Dare staking strategic losses with high quality asset

to create a unique way of promotion? Reality: thousands of unique platform who want a promotion; please expert? Reality: so why expert cattle you mix with overwhelming advertising; burning? Reality: 100 million are you going to do the advertising fee……


how do you want to solve the difficult problem of P2P promotion?

to create a unique way to promote the reality: thousands of platforms who do not want a unique

please a promotion expert? Reality: so why expert cattle you mix with

burn advertising? Reality: are you ready for the 100 million advertising fee?

to create brand awareness reality: P2P industry has no strict brand……

these pictures look beautiful, but you are just wishful thinking. The core of the promotion is not the illusion of beautiful pictures, but to see the trend, to clear the strategy. In a rapidly changing industry, choice is often more important than effort. Because the choice of the correct representation of the trend, and efforts are in the original trend of local improvement, the power of the trend is far greater than the power of local improvement. P2P industry is a rapidly changing industry, see the potential to more often than bulkhead, resolute courage to bi’en often important.

1, P2P has experienced the development of 3 times to catch up from behind.

the first wave of 2010 – 2012, on behalf of the platform of the wealth of the 365, easy to borrow money, hot loan network, etc., they are gradually favorable network, building blocks, such as the Internet has the Internet thinking, dare to staking the platform beyond the.

The second wave of

at the end of 2012 at the beginning of -2014 platform: on behalf of state finance, net lending group, they gradually ppmoney, you and I dare to loan losses beyond the platform strategy.

third -2015 wave at the end of 2014 years: on behalf of all enrichment, love investment platform, they are gradually home financing, tengniu net cross-border Internet heavyweights, high-quality assets of financial enterprises to catch up.

2, three there are 2 common features of the

catch up from behind

(1), overcautious, do not understand the Internet, see the situation of the platform is the understanding of the Internet, to promote the expansion of the platform beyond.

(2), the first mover advantage of the platform is more comprehensive strength beyond the platform.

3, drawn from the two common features of the two conclusions:

(1) to determine the correct trend is the primary condition. 2013, a lot of favorable platform for the network, building blocks in the search engine engine into the tens of thousands of dollars a day advertising fees dismissive, and now everyone is not the best time to regret the promotion. In 2014, the investment promotion platform for many PPmoney you and I can not understand the loan type nouveau riche, now they are the strategic choice of capital returns.

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