The infringement was sentenced to compensation for convenience cube network video upload

Morning News television, cinema is the hit TV drama, spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but can in the website to find an easy job to do and free to share, the users may be a delicious meal for free, but for human rights is undoubtedly a violation of rights.

day before the "struggle", "Palace", "big" and other television series Warren enjoys an exclusive right to network dissemination of Beijing Netmovie Co. Ltd. and other 5 companies will be right, cube network belongs to the company to court. Shanghai intermediate people’s court recently made the first instance verdict on the series of infringement: the defendant Gao Qin company to stop infringement, and the 5 plaintiffs were compensated for economic losses ranging from 20 thousand to 50 thousand yuan.


cube network is a famous online video website, by Gaoqin company. The success of Ningbo Multimedia Communication Co. Ltd and Shanghai excellent broadband technology Co., Guangdong Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shanghai excited network Netmovie Co. Ltd. was entitled "struggle", "Palace", "big", "Warren wedding 2008", "red sun", "delirious such as film and television drama" the exclusive right to network dissemination of information authorized.

, however, these companies have held the right of communication from Gaoqin company’s cube online search to the hit film, and found that the cube website provides the online broadcast service to the film and television work. The original cube network video, popular classification, and set the television channel, it has made, film and TV program, at the same time in the home and set up the video upload number ranking.

court that cube network is a website in video sharing, video sharing for network users to upload, and its behavior objectively help from infringement, violation of the plaintiff enjoys the right to network dissemination of information of film and television works.

The enthusiasm of the website classification,

cube for the video list and set the television channel behavior not only stimulates the network users to upload infringing works, and make it more convenient and faster free sharing of infringing works, leading to the further expansion of infringement, and the consequences of this behavior is predictable, the defendant should therefore to upload upload TV is a legitimate right to raise the level of attention, however, the expansion of did not take effective measures to prevent the infringement, also did not pay attention to the illegal spread involved in film and television works.

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