What a group of ants from the top of nearly four hundred billion valuation

month reshahar is high in the evening, Hangzhou Wantang Road No. 18 Huanglong Plaza B block, flash into wearing a suit of figure. He looks and overtime white-collar workers do not have what difference, but security is a bit wrong, get on the spot, it turned from stealing, immediately seized and turned over to the police station.

The authenticity of this piece of

has yet to be verified, but in Wantang Road No. 18 is a little weird. How will such a security eye? Because the office in this building, never in Western dress and leather shoes.

the staff dress up so casual, the company is ant group. It has just completed the B round of financing, this round of financing more than 4 billion 500 million U.S. dollars, the valuation has reached about $60 billion (about 388 billion 500 million yuan), which is the world’s largest single Internet industry financing.

there is news that the ants will soon be listed on the 2017 gold, and listed in A shares locked in place. If the rumors are true, it will be September 19, 2014, Alibaba group in the NYSE IPO, the most exciting story of the capital market.

it is the largest since the listing of China’s agricultural market IPO, in April 22, 2016, China Merchants Bank (600036) market capitalization of $450 billion 679 million, while the Bank of Communications (601328) market capitalization of $403 billion 989 million.

temporarily put aside these big numbers, look at this huge empire built, how a group of ants. The gilded age, the Morgan family has set a good example of the image: one financier wearing fashionable, elegant, gentle and kind, called the Wall Street of the Greek god, fully meet the customers enjoy the taste of the rich.


has long curing financier standard portrait, and then re draw the outline of the ant payment service mobile Internet era financial elite profile.

if the Alipay company started from 2004, the ant payment service has gone through 12 years, it has obtained the most full financial license, including the third party payment, fund sales, banking, insurance, owned by Alipay, Yu Ebao, recruit treasure, treasure, commercial bank, ant ant, sesame credit, flowers chant ant, ant financial cloud up to passenger sub segment. This is the ant gold suit Paibingbuzhen figure.

and CEO: Peng Lei

group president: Well Yin Dong

chief strategy officer: Chen Long

chief technology officer: Cheng Li

payment business group president: fan Zhiming

wealth Group General Manager: Huang Hao

The general manager of

Rural Finance Division: Yuan thunder

insurance division president: Yin Ming

international division president: Peng Yijie

vice president of ant clothing: Jason Lu


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