Comparative analysis of China’s Web site visits index in third weeks in June

according to the latest data provided by Alexa, the third week of June Chinese website ranking traffic index, Baidu still topped the list for a week, covering the number of users reached 97900, growth of 1% over the next second weeks, far higher than the QQ website. QQ site third weeks of total visits decreased by 2 percentage points, while the total number of visits in the past week, Taobao reached a total of 622689 times, the same, also fell by 3 percentage points, the number of users in the past week also fell by 1 percentage points, ranking in the top third in.

below, IDC review network and we focus on analysis and comparison of the third weeks of June in the search site rankings:

can be seen on the chart for third weeks, little overall change in web search, Baidu search site is still in the list, the number of users covered more than 56100 people in second, but the average user access pages than the second week fell by 1 percentage points, traffic index not a week change. in the third week average daily users access pages also declined by 2 percentage points. Change is not too large search website ranked third. However, third weeks is the biggest change in my cool Chinese search site, broke into the third week search website ranking ten, ranked seventh, daily users access pages is 5 percentage points higher than the second week.

next, we look at the list of integrated shopping website:

3 can be seen from the chart, the third week of June comprehensive shopping website is still in the top rankings, user coverage reached 36500, far higher than the second ranked Jingdong store nearly 3400 people, the average daily number of pages and visit second weeks compared to a decrease of 1 percentage points, visits and index also fell 3 percentage. Jingdong mall this week, the user coverage increased by 7 percentage points, other changes are not. Which is the third highest pat, pat net third weeks of user coverage also increased by 3 percentage points, but the average daily access pages fell 9 percentage points more than. The second week ranked the top of the network of excellence, a rise of third weeks, ranking is 4, Dangdang ranked in the top fifth of the world’s top fifth.

conclusion: as the Internet becomes more and more deep into people’s lives, the number of Internet users in China is increasing, and the number of domestic websites is increasing. The amount of visits to the site, according to the above chart data can be seen in the third week of June, the overall change in the overall situation of China’s Web site is not stable, the site has a significant increase in traffic.

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