Ding Lei said the use of NetEase cloud products to liberate all Chinese programmers

cloud computing is a big market, in addition to Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent these players, NetEase also want to become one of the players.

this market is very large, is one of the main reasons to attract enterprises to layout. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the cloud security industry market analysis report predicts that 2014-2019 domestic information security market CAGR of 16.6%, is expected in 2019 will reach $4 billion 822 million.

in the domestic market, according to IDC released the "2015 Chinese public cloud technology report" shows that in 2015 aliyun around 31% of the market, China Telecom and China Unicom two operators in the market share of 13.1% and 7.6%.

currently Ali cloud has covered elastic computing, domain name and website, database, storage and CDN, application services, network and other hundred products. Tencent cloud products also covers nine categories of computing and networking, storage and CDN, database, data and communications.

and Amazon stock price is due to the growth of cloud computing business and innovation, over the past six months, Amazon’s stock price rose from $474 in February of this year to $844 in October 5th. CEO Bezos’s net assets increased by $20 billion as Amazon’s share price rose.

however, each enterprise has its own considerations in the business layout, now the Internet infrastructure services technology homogeneity, cloud computing services and a scene or a blue ocean market.

called the scene, is based on cloud services, to provide enterprises with different scenarios solutions. For example, a App needs to be updated, there will be a lot of versions, in addition to the need to expand the cloud storage, there will be functional updates, programmers will write back and forth several times. NetEase launched the cloud service products is to provide a module, reducing the programmer do such repetitive work, such as cloud, instant messaging, drag a module can be completed, will save a lot of.

NetEase choose to cut from a piece of the market, and CEO Ding Lei say "feelings" are not unrelated, as Ding Lei had said at the press conference: "the launch of cloud products NetEase, is to liberate all China thousands on thousands of programmers, let them live a eventful little money near home happy life."

from the scene of the NetEase’s cloud services platform can be seen, the cloud is the NetEase of each product in advance, each product has its own official website, independent brand, NetEase cloud on which to do a summary, put forward the cloud scene. This year, the NetEase in the cloud framework of the big NetEase has developed seven products, including basic services, research and development of App service NetEase honeycomb products NetEase, NetEase letter cloud cloud video, cloud capture, NetEase and NetEase to measure business service products seven NetEase and NetEase to shield the fish.

from the point of view of the target user, NetEase cloud is the entrepreneurial team and Internet based applications, after all, these products

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