The Ministry of industry website filing system upgrade to complete the new record users surge

recently, the Ministry announced that the work of the new and old web site filing system has been successfully completed. It is understood that since June 19th, since the Ministry announced the upgrade of the filing system according to the regulations, during the period of June 19th 18 to July 25, 2010 24, the original site for the record management system ( to stop receiving Website for the new business, only to provide query service system. Reporters learned that, in the past 50 days, the backlog of a large number of new sites around the country to submit information for the record.

now, the Ministry of industry website information filing system upgrade is completed, which means that the impact of the old and new filing system upgrade, unable to submit the record of the majority of the owners can apply for the record number. The reporter learned from Chinese civilink, new site record system has half, filing new users 14 thousand. In particular, those who have done a good job on the site, ready to line the user more anxious mood, after all, one day early to get the record number, the site can be earlier on the line, a little early to recover the loss.

it is reported that before the record is through the website of the Ministry, and now in accordance with the new requirements for the record, no need to log on the website of the Ministry website, the organizer can in the new filing system for each access business with the Ministry of industry docking, submit a site registration application, by the provincial tongguanju audit released after ICP record number.

after the implementation of the new filing system, access providers to assume more responsibility, analysts pointed out that access to the information provider audit speed and stability of the filing system will be tested.

from the current point of view, the record information audit team of 70 people can meet the needs of the current user record "Chinese vice president Song Yingqiao told reporters during the nets, the new and old system delivery, it added more than 30 record audit personnel. At the same time, all old filing system for docking the Ministry of filing the original system was upgraded, increasing the filing function wizard.

now, for those who have multiple website owners, in the new filing system, no longer have to remember each website for username and password, now only one e-mail address, you can also manage all the information site for the record in a subject under the.

webmaster feel convenient, does not mean that access to the filing system is good, the relevant experts told reporters that the convenience of the initial use of the record system of traditional enterprise users, self-help is essential to complete the record.

experts suggested that the website quickly through the record, in addition to the webmaster to fill in the real, complete application information according to the specification, access providers choose the strength and standard management, can reduce the chance of detours.

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