CCTV unannounced visits to takeaway APP Dark Restaurant us hungry are involved

app is now very takeaway ordering fire mobile phone application software, use your fingers lying in bed, more than and 10 minutes later, delicacy will be sent to the front. But have you ever considered, this seemingly delicious takeaway, exactly where to do it? Reporter in Sichuan, Chengdu, conducted an investigation.


reporter interviewed in Sichuan, Chengdu, 80% of the respondents said that their used takeaway ordering app.

video screenshot

Sichuan of Chengdu residents: the first time you convenient well, well, sometimes busy, busy right? You can use the meal well, can be fast to save a lot of time, because of the occasional rain, certainly do not want to go out with the more convenient.

many respondents said that although they can not identify the health room of the businessman, but the third party platform should have been screened, so it does not need to have too many worries. However, exactly how the real situation? The reporter opened a restaurant in the vicinity of software Chengdu Hongxing Road, near the more than and 500 restaurants to view, found to be able to see the business license of the business is less than 100, more than 80% of the restaurant business license and food service license column, show upload". So, do these catering businesses have a full range of operating procedures, the reporter opened a nearby called fashion convenience restaurant, order records show that the restaurant sales 382 copies monthly. According to the shop address displayed on the app, the reporter came to the restaurant, but was surprised to find that app wrote on the Zitong Street 30, actually a residential area, there is no shadow of the restaurant. Subsequently, the reporter through the app under the order, soon received a restaurant phone.

reporter: do you think it’s 30 Zitong street,


"fashion convenience" takeaway business: well.

reporter: I’ll pass by, and I’ll take it from here. Or you’ll get in trouble.

fashion convenience takeaway business: you can not come over now?

reporter: how soon can you do it?.

"fashion convenience" take away business: do a good job, a few minutes.

reporter: can I come here in five minutes?

"fashion convenience" takeaway business: Yes, I come out to you.

five minutes later, the store will send out.

boss said, in order to reduce costs, he opened the restaurant at home. After some exchanges, the boss agreed to take a look at the reporter, in the old district, fashion convenience restaurant on the ground floor of a residential building on the first floor. Entered the room, dark, messy small kitchen facilities, covered with oil, only a freezer, two sinks, did not see the shop hanging a business license and food business license.


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