Medical soft grasp five steps strategy

medical industry can be described as a hot spot in the internet. I do not have to say, all the people in the industry know that the medical sector is profiteering industry, the annual wealth of trillions of dollars can not be created. It is also due to the profits of the industry, competition between enterprises (hospitals) is extremely intense, and even there are a lot of fake and shoddy products to destroy the network environment, presumably the medical profession of the owners who have deep experience. Recently, Baidu began to crack down on the Internet bad and false information, and actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of Internet users conducted a series of activities, the medical industry is highly restricted, medical network marketing began to enter the winter.

how to make the medical industry network marketing from the "winter" into "warm spring"? Many enterprises (hospital) began to focus more on marketing mode. In the medical station did not rank, not included under the premise of medical marketing is in the "winter" of the enterprise open a shortcut into the "warm spring". The author believes that the key lies in the marketing soft writing above, a good article, certainly can get a good contrast, not soft, it can only become a massive Internet information in the garbage. For medical soft Wen, we can not stand in the usual article or extrapolated articles in the same breath, should stand in a higher level to consider the effect of soft Wen can bring. Enterprise (hospital) no matter what your soft is like, as long as you can achieve the desired effect, then the soft marketing is really successful. Today I share medical soft writing and we grasp the five step strategy, enterprise (hospital) and there is no problem.

The first step:

directed to doubt

medical soft, usually by professional editing or writing, do not have to say grace. Writing style is rich and colorful, as many as six kinds of writing is easy to catch people’s eye soft writing, are: emotion (for those who fight ‘pox’ youth girl), promotional (three times a day without a ready-made panacea of a factory in Xidan, the old style (emergency) honey, let me take you what do you love?), bullying type (urine will "hold" the dead!), suspense type (why persistent refractory prostate disease), story type (Wuhan man carrying one hundred thousand yuan the doctor). No matter what way, we must come straight to the point, from the perspective of patients questioned, doubt should be in place, and to consumers (patients) the relevant circumstances coincide, so that it can cause consumers (patients) from the emotional resonance, seize the consumer psychology (patients) to solve the psychological needs of consumers (patients) to to solve the problem.

The second step:

affirm an antidote against the disease.

as the saying goes: the enemy, to win. Medical soft text creation, we must also be an antidote against the disease. The first step, we come at the consumer (patient) questions, then we need to affirm the consumer (patient) questions. This affirmation, is to ensure that consumers (patients) raised questions, clearly tell consumers’

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