E commerce professional college students employment embarrassment

open shop just ‘stall’, is not what a serious occupation." On the day before the closing of the eighth session of the Wuhan International Conference on electronic commerce, many enterprises responsible person said that the concept of employment of some electronic commerce graduates did not change over, missed a lot of employment opportunities.

The general manager of Wuhan

Power Network Education Technology Co., Liao Jiangtao believes that only Wuhan city existing shop more than 30 thousand, can provide at least more than 10 thousand jobs, but it is difficult to recruit eligible college graduates, because students who just graduated, or that the open shop is a street vendor, is not a decent occupation, or learned the knowledge is not up to the needs of the people, is not on the hand.


Committee, Ministry of Education College e-commerce professional teaching guidance committee of the school of Business Administration of Donghua University professor Tang Bingyong believes that the current e-commerce graduates and there is a large gap between the demands of the enterprises, apart from the old concept of employment, university teaching material is one of the reasons behind, many colleges and universities in 2003, 2004 or even written materials the electronic commerce update too fast, "basically than the enterprise three years behind the time, this graduate students don’t meet the needs of enterprises."

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