Your product is suitable to burn subsidies play these 3 data

because I have been to help companies build a campus brand, especially the employer brand, so make the brand department and the marketing department of a large number of enterprises, and this year gave me the impression that the most intuitive, more and more enterprises, rather than a part of the cost to the channel, are no longer willing to give users direct subsidies.

Internet products for nearly five years from the era of payment to the free era, and then to the era of subsidies, especially the rise of the war, the rise of O2O, it seems to do an Internet product are not subsidies. With the United States mission, the merger of public comment, Didi acquisition of Uber China, it seems that the era of subsidies to end.


with giant, I would say that the monopoly has not relied on the market with a few companies or industry giant companies to determine whether there is, but the market access mechanism, whether to allow you to qualification, allows you to engage in this industry, the monopoly is not necessarily all bad.

back to the topic, in the whole market subsidies tide, more and more of a follower, do not know whether you have thought about their business models to calculate the input and output.

please pay attention to the following three data:

CAC:Customer Acquisition Cost, user acquisition costs

LTV:Life Time Value, the user’s lifetime value

PBP:Payback Period, recovery period

users to channel subsidies and expenses are the cost of access to the user, which is CAC, and the most simple to understand, the company wants to profit from the user who then gets the value must be greater than the cost of access to the user’s LTV> CAC. Because LTV may be 5 years, or even 10 years have income, but in order to reduce the company’s cash flow pressure, PBP is shorter, more conducive to the company’s cash flow and investment, but also can reduce the company’s financing pressure, so the general hope to PBP control in less than a year, which is more ideal business model.

according to this model, we are very aware of when LTV

But don’t think that

LTV> CAC, and the recovery period can control security risk, this is precisely the company many local problems, don’t know how much the company is because of neglect of the analysis to the LTV, resulting in the collapse of the whole business model. On the value of the user’s life, we must remember to evaluate the channel, the effective user as the top priority!

LTV= (the number of customers a month to buy each * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (1/ month loss rate)

, for example, in the past two years, the market to do the most fierce drops of subsidies, in my opinion, do subsidies, more brand level exposure, training user habits, as well as helpless. Because we are analyzed by the subsidies

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