Little red book took the hand of the Japanese market Cosme

news June 29th, the electricity supplier community "little red book" has been announced with Japan’s largest beauty website @Cosme, Japan’s largest drugstore group kylin hall and Panasonic reached a strategic cooperation, the Japanese products including cosmetics, skin care products, daily necessities and other small appliances including a series of introduction.

it is understood that the Japanese market has been one of the focuses of the little red book, but also following the Australian market, another important market red book breakout success, while the United States and South Korea will become a breakthrough point under the little red book.

red book, the electricity supplier is responsible for Lou Yilin said: "Japan’s product quality is very good, especially after 85, 90 after the new generation of power consumption of all ages, but there are not a platform can serve them well, we are starting the market pain points, through the force of the Japanese market to help users better find foreign good stuff."

(photo: Vice President of red book operation visit @Cosme headquarters in Japan Lou Yilin)

billion state power network has learned, @Cosme is a comprehensive website beauty and the largest listed company in japan. Released its annual "Cosme beauty Award" is selected by the consumer cosmetics list, is considered to be the Japanese beauty products leader. The annual Beauty Awards released, will trigger a wave of "buy buy buy trend. Cosme2015 in the first half of the list has just been released in June 18th, the newly released list of award-winning products will debut in the red book.

kylin hall is Japan’s largest drug group, is a more than and 60 year history of Japanese Listed companies. Most of the Japanese cosmetics, health food and daily necessities brands have settled in the kylin hall, Kao, Shiseido, Kose, including Kanebo, DHC, Meiji etc..

at the same time, Panasonic has officially settled in the red book, mainly after 85, 90 after the new generation of consumers to provide beauty appliances and small household appliances. The price of most of its goods is even lower than in japan. Little red book will use its community structured large data for users to accurately recommend a more popular single product.

little red book using the community’s accumulated large data analysis of user behavior, you can learn that consumers favorite products. Other electricity providers can sell explosive money, but the little red book is the place to explore the explosion." Little red book co-founder Qu Fang said, and this is where the red book to attract brand manufacturers."

according to reports, the little red book shopping notes (i.e. community products) on-line by the end of 2013, after years of accumulation, on-line business platform "welfare" at the end of 2014, just a few months time, welfare agency sales have more than 200 million yuan. At the end of the 6.6 anniversary of the big promotion activities, the first day of the red book sales have been sold for the entire month of May, the registered users reached 15 million.

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