Cross border electricity supplier channels to enter the Maori era of imported goods

a number of cross-border electricity in the traditional electricity supplier entity supermarket announce to join the

sea Amoy chop hand family welfare comes, after the foot out of Guangzhou, there will be more cross-border physical stores to buy the site. From the end of last year, several times came news of the opening of cross-border electricity supplier in Nansha has finally identified the opening of the store. As cross-border electricity imports appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the market ushered in the multi running. Here, the entity of imported food festival launched the supermarket not resigned to playing second fiddle; there, the traditional domestic electricity supplier giant also show a generous, announced the joint customs for goods imported maternal labeled "identity card", let consumers can get full link information transparent, easy to identify the authenticity.

Supermarket: original imports quietly increased

watched all the armies have tunzhan FMCG sites, the city several large supermarket chains also sit still. Reporters visited WAL-MART, Carrefour, Huarun and many other supermarkets found that the proportion of imported goods on the shelves has quietly increased.

"as long as the WAL-MART store, whether it is imported from Japan Kao diapers, or Holland original pot miso milk formula, can be found." Guangzhou WAL-MART supermarket responsible person, with Hong Kong Policy fine-tuning, Kao diapers imported goods such as last week’s sales surged.

in the May WAL-MART baby month "period, imported baby cosmetic toiletries earlier also launched a special discount. In addition, the timely introduction of a lot of supermarket shopping full amount of door-to-door convenience. Million in Huarun, shopping for 188 yuan to enjoy the convenience of door-to-door.

cross-border electricity supplier entity: advantage is the physical experience

this week and the number of cross-border electricity supplier experience store opened, including cross-border electricity supplier Nansha store recently heard the news of the opening 51. Earlier in the Pearl River Metro bonded stores off Wyatt preferred store will try again in April 30th this place of business, opened in Heyuan.

in January this year, Guangzhou cross-border electricity supplier Lin Erlin cross-border e-commerce company and Agel Ecommerce Ltd to jointly build the Guangzhou ocean stage experience shop on line in Guangzhou Avenue North Plaza resort. Reporters on the scene, the two stores area and ordinary convenience stores, all English packaging milk, snacks, cosmetics, health care products have shelves, but commodity prices to wait until May announced the official business. Reporters learned that the site can pick up the goods, depending on whether the goods have been paid.

in terms of price, in the cross-border electricity supplier platform of overseas goods, no need to pay customs duties, consumption tax and 17% of the value-added tax, but in the form of personal goods to declare, only pay the tax. Single order amount can not exceed 1000 yuan (more than a single piece of more than $1000 of non divisible goods), a single consumption tax is exempted from tax within $50. "Milk, diapers and other goods are not too expensive in Hongkong." Wyatt preferred head of the company, said Mr. Tao Zili, cross-border import electricity supplier is the biggest advantage of the store price +

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