Micro business usher in the golden age 12 days cash super million

[Abstract] through WeChat million monthly income, this is not a low probability event, and also not a legend, in the era of micro micro marketing is very influential, as long as you all look, seize the opportunity, the wealth of the door will open to you.

Author Zhou Weiwei

, a veteran of the past, is the electricity supplier of Taobao, but do cats sold Adult supplies…… However, when the promotion cost become the shackles of these platforms, the old week chose make a prompt decision this new way of micro business.

said in the micro business in just 12 days time, he received payment has more than one million, and for the question, just said weeks old: "do not believe you hit me!"

said at noon on October 5th, I woke up to find myself WeChat payment was frozen. This is what the rhythm, rushed home to telephone hotline to consult the penguin, several turnings to pay WeChat, girl with soft with teasing tone, Mr. Zhou you know you less than half a month to send twenty thousand envelopes, we determine your account risk, so…… My original WeChat red hair much, much to the system that I account stolen, only one side scold Tencent software recognition accuracy is not high, while I still quite a responsible Tencent.

the time like electric Time flies like a shuttle. ah, in the blink of an eye, I have two forty, have been hard to force the factory to do ah ah, ah ah ah bitter bitter, conform to the trend of ah, I think they should launch its own brand is King ah, ah ah and so on, toss to toss, the result is a face the tears of a face like bitter gourd skin ah, but I have to be a stubborn goods, always believe that failure is the success of his mother, keep on fighting, do not bow like a proud old. Results this year holding shares of four companies, and are very Niubi got some VCs money, ahem, take people money to help people make money, I don’t want to be as unalterable principles, an age to be people chase at the ass, which lost how much money.


to make money, have a breakthrough, Taobao Tmall continues to throw money every month to hit two hundred thousand, a little wave, or lose money, I was a little angry, last year a Oolong turn off my two Tmall store so I lost about seven million this year, also called me so a bell you go to the United States, every beat of my heart pain, so I do not accompany you to play this, business promotion costs are cut, can sell a few, in addition to find a way.

at that time, I and my director, a stay in Singapore for ten years the clever little turtle every day in the discussion, how to change the miserable fate. A key figure appeared, omnipotent bear, play many micro-blog know that this man is a non famous black rice. Now black millet is a sideline, advocate the derivative is the main industry, he will do big bear, which do business flow of talented men still remained in concealment, millions of tons of. I understand and bear a few years, he is my friend and my teacher, I think who is also a scholar, for his fast and good article is endless worship, many people called him.

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