Social marketing hard truth do you have a map of their relationship

this week, the Internet industry is very popular three things, one is the release of millet red rice mobile phone price is only 799 yuan; two is and Sina micro-blog the first step after marriage, the three is Ali ban WeChat.

on the red rice phone, we are most concerned about is how to make money, the answer to this question is e-commerce + social marketing + Internet supply chain management".

social marketing is through micro-blog, QQ space, WeChat and other media, rather than through traditional media, Baidu, Sina and other media.

traditional media, portals, search engines to solve the problem of information flow, that is, to tell the user about the product, manufacturers, channels, payment methods and other information, the user through the information to complete the purchase. Search engine is the best solution to the information flow, the user through the search box, active, one-stop solution to these problems.

, micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, the social network space is different, in addition to the flow of information, can provide clear between users in different terminals and different application behavior, between the user and the user relationship map between users and vendors "". Through this relationship map, manufacturers can carry out three aspects: first, for the user to carry out marketing, the two is to provide services to users, the three is a long-term tracking.

through cloud computing, big data mining, the relationship map presented is not a vague relationship, but the quantitative parameters, charts, manufacturers can conduct a variety of business decisions based on these parameters.

a piece of paper (or a website or search engine), it is difficult to describe the relationship between the tracking and management of their authors, readers, advertisers, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ space, social network provides the possibility.

millet phone, for example, it has a number of ten micro-blog account, more than a dozen WeChat public accounts and the number of different QQ home page, Renren home page, dozens of operating teams. In addition, millet and a MIUI forum. First of all, their task is to serve the marketing, followed by tracking consumer behavior, combing the relationship between consumers; the second is to collect consumer demand, guide product development, product sales forecast.

above the social marketing services can achieve at least two purposes, one is the diversion of millet electricity supplier platform, and the two is to guide the supply chain through consumer demand, production capacity to achieve Internet supply side management.

with the prosperity of computing terminals, PC Internet, mobile Internet, the boundary between the home Internet will disappear. The future of the Internet has at least two characteristics, one is the multi terminal Internet, and the two is human centered. And now PC Internet, mobile Internet, home Internet is a single terminal Internet, with equipment as the center.

at that time, entrance thinking will fail. Whether it is through a single device, or an application, or an application platform can not really understand the consumer, for the user precise portrait >

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