The only product after the car and hand car mall peanut drops

news August 15th, drops of travel and car business platform peanut car to achieve cooperation, which will drive the car mall drops from the purchase of vehicles, customers signing up to the delivery of the vehicle support.

According to

billion state power network to understand, has been revised by car mall channel before the original car mall has been transferred to the drive – owned – Car Buying consulting drops.

drop test

according to reports, the car online peanut owns more than and 120 City stores, can provide the vehicle to support procurement, customer contract and delivery vehicle for drops. At present, provides the Excelle, Sylphy, Harvard H6, Lavida and other hot models for car car mall peanut drops, on-line 1 months cumulative sales of more than 200 units.

billion state power network is observed, the car hit the "peanut financing lease, rent purchasing model, with the launch of the" drop drops before the stage "Car Buying also fit.


car "peanut rent purchasing

insiders told billion state power network, the car hit the peanut "to rent purchasing" refers to the lessor according to the lessee’s selection and specific requirements of vehicle, vehicle and car dealers to purchase to the lessee, the lessee in the qualification review, signed a long-term lease contracts, to pay a deposit, you can. Car use and installment paying rent to the lessor, to be appointed after the expiration of the lease, the lessor and the transfer of vehicle ownership to the lessee.

"compared to the traditional loan to rent purchasing mode Car Buying, threshold is relatively low, Car Buying stage pressure is small, after the expiration of the contract, the lessee can not only direct access to car ownership, a replacement demand can add money to apply directly to the rental company." Insiders introduction.

and drops the official introduction, drop stage is mainly divided into two ways, a down payment for the vehicle of 2 to 3, the highest monthly installments for 36 months without payment; another way to support zero Shoufu, but need to pay ten thousand yuan deposit, but also for the highest stage of time 36 April, no retainage. After the expiration of the contract deposit can be deducted, deductible car.


drop staging

It is reported that

, previously, peanut and car has reached a cooperation agreement, the peanut car rental outlets to service innovation Car Buying officially arrived auto channel. The future, the car will be in cooperation with peanut more electricity, car, carpool, financial scene platform, joint development of electric cars of the "last mile" service.

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