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2015 is the most extraordinary year in the history of China’s home improvement industry.

on the one hand, the two stock market crash and the real estate market shrinking a huge impact on the downstream industry, the traditional home improvement company’s survival in the high-end home market is severely damaged, on the other hand, the emerging Internet and home decoration company backed by O2O capital, and quickly took the past less attention was paid to the low-end home market.

at the beginning of the concept of marketing love space from millet began to decorate, the Qijia network two platforms Tuba rabbit have financing, Internet intrusion to Jiezhuang industry solidly lesson, some of the traditional home a Gold Mantis was forced to truthfully also began playing the Internet under the banner of positive transformation, but the long, long ago, cooperation and Mantis the home station e end, quite some sadness means Westernization movement.


The concept of

for the entire Internet decoration and


is the earliest, the traditional chiefs are not on the Internet decoration, "a video last year’s peak Evening News", when the reporter interviewed industry well-known decoration company boss, ask the views of emerging Internet decoration, playing with each other in the rosary a contemptuous disregard "that is a lie". The posture is reminiscent of the late Qing Dynasty, in the face of musket powers, confident the invulnerability of the boxer master, who did not take long before these traditional chiefs cast iron claw blouse Juexue, over the Internet decoration companies rely on "standardized package" and "free design" has been carried out on the traditional home "dimensional attack".


finished the year 2015 Internet decoration industry:

at the end of 2014, love space founder Chen Wei and Lei met to discuss financing issues

February 2015, the topic of love space by Lei Jun investment promotion, because the Internet attribute millet unique, "the Internet" decoration "millet home" concept formed.

March 5, 2015, remember this day, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "Internet plus" national strategy, a large number of O2O entrepreneurs emerged, Lei Jun "wind pig" theory is look up to as the standard.

March 2015, a live network, grapefruit decoration, decoration, the first batch of first sound mushroom vertical Internet decoration company, and around the millet for various public debate, but it is all secretly will spearhead the traditional decoration. Together, Dong Yi and other traditional decoration chiefs feel pressure to start declaring positive transformation to embrace the internet.

April 2015, the two veteran Internet decoration intermediary platform, regulating the family network and tuba rabbit have access to financing. The Qijia network began to absorb the grapefruit decoration, with live network and other vertical Jiezhuang company started in the O2O.

May 2015, Metro and bus intensive Internet advertising company began to appear on the


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