September national buy site a total of 5058 basic growth stagnation

today released the September October 26th news group 800 group purchase statistics report report shows that in September, only 19 new sites, a total of 5058 group purchase website; the number of open group remained at a higher level, up to 74 thousand; the price key city continues to rise, reaching 50.8 yuan; the number of group purchase complaints decreased by 20.5%.


September 2011 China Group Market Overview

September data show that the growth in the number of buy site basic stagnation, the country’s new group buying site is only 19, a total of up to 5058. Included in the collapse of the site and the zombie station, buy the site has actually shown a decline in the scale of the trend – which is the inevitable result of disorderly growth of the industry to a certain stage.

according to statistics, in September the turnover of more than 10 million yuan in the city a total of 26, the average turnover of 31 million 973 thousand yuan, above this level site has 6, according to the turnover in descending order followed by Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Nanjing,


September 2011 national sales 10 strong buy site

can be seen from the above chart, in September turnover exceeded 100 billion mark buy site for 6, a decrease of 1. The list of the top 6 sites a total turnover of about 788 million yuan, accounting for more than 67% market share in the whole group purchase.

this means that more than 60% of the group purchase market share gradually forward 3-5 home station, the top ten group purchase website also began to differentiate.

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