Webmaster should be good at analyzing the behavior of web users

The so-called

user behavior, is to enter the site visitors in all operations, user behavior analysis, to meet the users demand, improve website trust, that is to talk about how Hou Qinglong website user behavior analysis:

user group

users are mainly in the region, within 24 hours how much return.


access to the main source of which areas, such as countries, provinces, cities.


analysis of web access, visit, visit, to determine the site of the peak is the exact day when.


visitors in a certain period of time to browse the contents of the maximum number of visits per day, the number of days the minimum number of views.

traffic source

analysis of the site is from which to facilitate traffic.

traffic page

which pages are the main flow.

visitor analysis

in the 24 hours of the number of visits, the number of visitors to visit the page, how long stay in the site.

visitor access analysis

user computer system language used by the browser, screen size, screen color number.

search engine

search engine is to provide information query tools, through the analysis of Web site keywords, to determine the search engine users are concerned about the main aspects of the site.

user behavior example:

for example, you want to provide the main website what content to you, then you have to put the main information plate half web page on the website of the center, the first vision to seize the user, if you are a corporate Web site, you need to consider the contact information in an easy to find location on the site in left corner position, so the first time visitors to find and facilitate contact.

website user analysis:

1, to grasp the overall layout of the site color.

2, analysis of user behavior data for site adjustment.

3, master the psychology of most web users.

4, website user behavior planning.

5, active thinking, at any time according to the user and change.

malicious user behavior analysis:

1, in order to improve the site click, send text, pictures, etc., damage the user experience.

2, involving pornography, reactionary and other illegal content.

3, advertising and the money is not terrible, the advertisement placed all over the place, affect the overall image of the website.

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