Baidu know to promote a large summary

know that Baidu is undoubtedly one of Baidu’s most successful products, is the domestic UGC (user generated content) application example, I also often go up to play (answer), also specially observed the use of other users, despite some obvious utilitarian users don’t talk (for example, website promotion indeed, some expert) by steadfastly answer the question has made remarkable achievements, strong expert in? OMG, answered nearly 100 thousand questions, Robin can be considered to give him wages. To do the first ranking, of course, have their own know-how, then, what is the secret of success?

first is certainly diligent

a day to answer 100 questions, then, the question will be three years, I believe most of the time on the Internet to contribute to the cause of the.

second to act quickly

a question, who can answer the first question is often able to occupy a higher position in the minds of the questioner, especially in the case of almost the same answer. So, see the problem, do not have to consider how the perfect solution, quickly occupy a favorable position to say.

third purpose clear

it contains two meanings, he is good at first the field must focus on, especially to get some relatively high reward points; secondly, not too good for the field, we should pay attention to the problem of low degree of the competition, such as no one answered only one or two answers, in which, the success rate will be high a lot of words, with popular find his long tail market. And his answer is to use the 2 account to answer, do not immediately reply, best to spend half a day to answer, can’t use the same IP, you can use a IP agent in question, answer, thus avoiding the danger titles such as, for example, I use my Internet IP questions. Afternoon useful agent answer this effect is very good.

fourth make good use of Goolge and Baidu

In fact, this is the core competitiveness of

, although Baidu know that almost 95% of the problems can be through the search engine or search Baidu know itself to get answers, but we would love to ask, what method. If you do not believe that you see my station, to know the search, is an example.

although a lot of problems are trivial, but as long as it is to help people solve the problem, all of the above efforts have become valuable (directly reflected in the integral). A hard-working, strong execution, core competitiveness and focus on the long tail market, can solve the practical problems of users, what is the reason to be successful? I hope to give in the economic winter struggling people a little inspiration


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