Zi Han website promotion soft Witkey platform

is awesome, the popular network in 2010 the most popular website promotion, need more awesome.

website promotion method then several, to learn to use, learn by analogy, derived from a variety of skills, webmaster is a high IQ industry, everyone is talented genius through IQ. Han Han feel too old ways to introduce a sub culvert to come up with a method for your reference.

Witkey gathered on the Internet to understand a lot of people, how to use them to promote our website? The easiest way is to send the task to write an article on Witkey web, good soft Wen, to Witkey released a post general post task, 3 cents, 100 yuan for the propaganda funds can be released about 333 pieces of information, if you want to have enough confidence in your text, so to your standing flow can have very good guarantee, if the enterprise product website, a good article, spend 100 yuan to help Witkey released, it spreads quickly and can release provisions, for example. In certain industries, Witkey can help you to release to the relevant website, this industry forum, and soft, high quality, low probability of being deleted, you can set the time of Witkey, for example 3 cents a stick, do not delete the payment, so as to ensure the Witkey manual post, make your money will not be posting things like money making machine.


also released a task on Witkey, like 24 hours, generally have 1000-2000 attention, meaning that there are 1000-2000 people read your post task, you can write, look at the site and then released, so that it can be transformed into 1000-2000 to your website, so they all went to the site to see you some people think that, if your site is good, the product is good, there is a need, not many a


issued a task for everyone to reference

.For example,

Han blog is the industry well-known good blog, business is mainly logo design ah, the original article, soft writing ah, I this is the case, write a qualified Witkey promotion tasks.

task Title: Post task (3-5 hair a paste) specify the scope of the release of

tasks: please release a soft article to Internet related websites, forums, please take a look at the website to post, it is helpful to understand, website: Han blog www.00312.com focus of this propaganda in the soft writing, please help to release, will be released in order to check the relevant address in this task thread, one day, don’t delete it for payment, each site only one.

(the content to do the task Witkey go to your web site to see, so almost all go to each Witkey, thus increasing traffic, if someone just has this need or that the site is good, the future is the regular.

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