Dry cargo sharing QQ group screen optimization technology ranked by the rules

talked about the QQ group ranking optimization rules, a lot of people love to hate, the reason is very simple, his love is the drainage effect is very good, good technology by keyword search rankings, ranked in the national top three people default, how can we not love him, hate hate reason is simple, no matter your group perfect again how good, can’t seem to ranking, as the group ranking how no one else well optimized. Therefore, for I hate the meters, want to see the end of this article so you can share the dry cargo, in the QQ group a Great trees are good for shade., ready to detonate your traffic, the meters on several aspects to share ranking QQ group PA screen optimization rules of new technology on the fine day, absolute success.

first, QQ group’s own quality. QQ group number of people is a qualified high quality group? It is not to say that most of the 2000 is the most suitable for you, I just want to say that this is the best suited to their own, so look at the key words. For example, your keywords high heat, the group ranked number is a good group of 2000 people, so want to have good rankings will have a group of 2000 people, the same, if the word search heat found out, just in front of the top 1000 group or the group of 500 people, then 1000 people or a group of 500 people can be, this is the so-called suitable is the best.

secondly, the group level to the advanced point, the normal terms of this can be done by the activity.


what circumstances will reduce the level of the QQ group? If the main group or the administrator to modify / delete the group data, to fill in the information does not meet the conditions of light, the group level will be directly reduced to LV0 without light icon state. If the user back or group excluding the members of the group, leading members of the group amounted to less than the current level, or the number of group members to speak will lead to inadequate group level reduction.

finally, the information to improve the group in place, group name, group address, group profile must be highlighted keywords, as shown in Figure:


still have to be careful not to send any illegal information in the group, including group portraits, group files, group albums, group announcements and other places, which will drop the right to drop the star, the group ranking will fall. These are done, you can do more than the group, do QQ group ranking screen, leaving the reader a thinking space, how to build 500 groups to do the national coverage of the PA screen, as shown in Figure:


is ranked in the QQ group screen optimization of new technical rules on the (pure dry cargo), due to limited space, first wrote here, not perfect, the degree of M I, more network marketing blog attention please dry cargo, m WeChat Q6156816 welcome to communicate, please respect the original results of my thank you, please indicate the link.

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