On the number of WeChat public powder increase powder up some tips


operating a public number, the most troublesome thing up fans, set up a WeChat public no matter for what purpose, fans is the basis for your content updates more frequently again good, no fans reading it is nothing, since WeChat discloses the number of fans is more after reading the important of course, said here are true fans.

current network share some of the powder up skills are stereotyped, many methods are very old or operational is not strong, and even some of the outdated. Then the brother with some of their own experience and share some thinking skills of WeChat public number rose powder, these methods may cause some people but also make a contemptuous disregard, some enlightened, whether or not to help you are my piece of mind, maybe you can use these thinking about.

first, the temptation of resources

1, share some of the more attractive resources, resources must be attractive, so as to attract others to pay attention to the download, the latest blockbuster novel metaphor seeds, e-book package, photography tutorials, specialized in different industries etc.. This approach can not only attract fans, but more important is to be able to tap into precise fans.

2, the collected resources need after summarizing the best description, you are familiar with the field, you can make a movie or seed metaphor can quickly obtain scarce seed, then you can share the latest large seeds or is the kind of color, share will attract a lot of people do this (male powder pink rose the most soon, other similarly).

3, the work done before, the following is the most important. You do not want to share the resources of the file to be free to share, but to set up a little obstacle, that is to set up the resource file decompression password. After downloading the resources to get the password must pay attention to your public micro signal (of course, in advance to the public micro signal inside the set of keywords automatically reply). The following figure:


do not ask me where to find resources where the issue of resources, it is recommended to do their own familiar, each category of each industry will have a large number of potential people, there are always hungry for resources.

two, curiosity driven


method is to online collection of some of the more interesting questions, questions, reasoning tests, while collecting subjects must leave the most important answers or reasonable analysis, to let people have a strong desire to know the answer, so you can guide the public to pay attention to our potential in WeChat fan. Figure two case diagram below:


this method, although a little rogue, but the powder is still considerable. Here is only to provide a way of thinking, in accordance with this routine to seriously believe that the implementation of the powder is not so difficult.

three, mobile web guide.


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