4 principles of hunger marketing understand the nature of hunger marketing

hunger marketing has become some of the company’s excellent sales and marketing tools. Hunger marketing is apple, China’s millet is also good, but there are many examples of failure. In fact, hunger marketing is not a new thing, such as a means of clothing industry limited edition is hunger marketing, to make good use of hunger marketing, nature requires a deep understanding of the marketing of hunger, I horse think this article is written by Zhou Yong, is a good summary of the essence of hunger marketing.

hunger marketing is not mysterious

Things are not a fresh

hunger marketing, limited edition clothing sale, real estate sales, many small batch car pre-sale registration, riding into the store a lot of shopping shops Gu, this phenomenon is actually a hunger marketing for having heard it many times, because they are in line with the characteristics of hunger marketing businesses in the control of product supply, create the illusion of demand, create an atmosphere of panic buying etc.. Therefore, we say that hunger marketing is not a new marketing strategy, but not what peerless too profound to be understood.

hunger marketing is very popular

The rise of

hunger marketing thanks to the successful use of apple in the sale of Iphone4.

use Apple’s success, so that domestic imitators imitate losers raging like a storm, but success is always too many to count, so bright, and has been used to justify the hunger marketing millet mobile phone: equal to anything in less than half an hour of time sold 200 thousand sets of records created a miracle, once again confirms the power hungry marketing. Now on small commodities trading, networking time-honored food stores, movie ticket sales are the use of hunger marketing example, not to mention the real estate, car which was with this approach of goods. For a time, hunger marketing has become the most popular and effective marketing practices, has become the object of many enterprises.

hunger marketing is actually quite good

1 can strengthen the desire of consumers to buy: hunger marketing strategy through the implementation of the regulation of supply and demand at large the better to apprehend him, causing the illusion of demand products. Consumers have a curious and rebellious, more is not something the more you want to obtain, so enterprise strategy is carried out to strengthen the desire of consumers, and this enhancement will aggravate the supply panic buying atmosphere, hunger marketing showed more intense and dramatic influence.

2 can enlarge the product and brand appeal: when consumers see the people around all day in the queue, panic buying when talking about and even fans with rival fans but the appeal of this propaganda is immeasurable. First of all, this is the spontaneous spread of consumers, followed by no cost and lasting. As a result, consumers will be infected by the people around, and then take the same action and they are also concerned about the product or brand. This effect, it is the dream.

3 is conducive to enterprises to obtain a stable income: general merchandise from the listing to the delisting, the basic price is the lower the selling, and hunger marketing through the regulation of market supply and demand

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