The transformation and upgrading of real estate to the left of the Wanda marriage right away Fantas

recently, a news event caused by the scraper effect in the real estate people’s circle of friends, that is the property from Wanda Wanda Group and 2 billion (peel, reportedly) sold to Fantasia group, for a time the richest man Wang Jianlin came to Wanda real estate from the spotlight, become a star. But this time the protagonist is not the son of Wang Sicong, but a Wanda business empire with a specific business line, Wanda property.

so, a variety of media for Wanda Wanda property business started selling all kinds of all kinds of interpretation, discusses why Wanda will choose to sell the property, why not choose Fantasia Vanke, the Central Plains of the other applicants, a matter of fact, however, we will focus on the starting point slightly raise, aside from Wanda Wanda as a return to the property itself. A group of real estate development strategy angle, as well as the core of the Fantasia and its color value in life Wanda perspective to understand that such a move might be able to see the moment, on the real estate industry + Internet "transformation and upgrading of the whole.

from the macro level, the 2 billion married Wanda property Fantasia, from analysis to the simple logic of simple business assets to sell and buy, may have lost too much important information in the capital, Douglas, cooperation, in essence is a natural expression of Wanda Group and the group of two years pattern of sexual gratification. And close together to G passion would be sensible to move again, and in the higher dimensions, on behalf of the "real estate + Internet" transformation and upgrading of two so far, two reliable direction comparison on two kinds of typical practice mode, the marriage is to strengthen the status of two in their respective in the field of.

when the color mode of life to become a property management + Internet representative model

married Wanda property Fantasia group, which owns the color of life and easy home two community operating platform, the former focused residential community, the main complex, office buildings, property type vacation. The color of life through early 2015 mergers and acquisitions, now has the color of life, Kaiyuan two international brands, focusing in the former terminal community management, which is in the high-end brand community.

Hongkong listed the color of life because of its unique property management + Internet "mode, has been widely recognized in the industry, property management as the first shares, an independent listed subsidiary, its market value has been recognized by the capital market, listed in Hongkong since its market value has exceeded as the parent company of the group the Fantasia group.

at the same time, as a typical case of "property management + Internet" model of innovation, the color of life has become a model of many Property Management Company or group, to emulate and learning objects, and even the entire technical team from the color of life away, Hengda, agile, the era of real estate, Poly Real estate, at almost the same time, launch the corresponding product and service brand, started into war; but in reality level, good performance of color of life data of the financial statements. "

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